This is it. The FlutterDash comic we've all been waiting for! Maybe not all of us, but definitely me.

I wanted to do a video review like EHAN and ToskiHero, so you could see my handsome visage my ugly mug, but A: I don't want to steal EHAN and ToskiHero's thunder, and B: I'm not really comfortable doing video reviews yet. Once I have a good set up, I'll probably do them.

Anyway, in case you didn't for whatever reason see the image above, yes, there are spoilers for the comic here. If you don't want to be spoiled you could either pirate it (not recommended or endorsed by me), or support the IDW team and buy a physical copy or a digital copy on iTunes. Either works.

Anyway! Without further ado, the review will be in a few lines so scroll down.

The comic opens with Rainbow Dash doing a drill with Angel Bunny and Fluttershy. And for once, Angel isn't a jerk at all! Like Hurricane Fluttershy, he hugs a tearful Fluttershy when they are told they are going to the Cloudsdale Flight Camp Reunion, which is oddly enough hosted by Spitfire. Why her? Well, I guess they wanted a celebrity from Cloudsdale to host it and the only ones who were available were the Wonderbolts. Anyway, the drill is Rainbow Dash practicing for a possible upcoming race, and she breaks her record at 15 seconds. Or as Dashie puts it "15 seconds flat!" How did Rainbow get that fast anyway? No matter. A mailpony (which isn't Derpy) comes to deliver a letter to Rainbow who opens it and finds out that it's an invitation to the Cloudsdale Flight Camp Reunion. Rainbow Dash immediately begins to reminisce about her good times, only to see Fluttershy is less than thrilled about it. If you watched The Cutie Mark Chronicles and Hurricane Fluttershy, you should know exactly why she's not too keen on going there. An invitation comes in the mail for Fluttershy as well, and Fluttershy begins to cry. Angel comforts her, and Rainbow Dash assures her that everything will work out. This is why Fosgitt's art really shines for scenes like this. I think this comic may be the best presentation of his art yet.

Anyway, Rainbow Dash drags Fluttershy to the reunion and the pegasi immediately recognize Rainbow Dash and swarm her. We even get to see those jerks who bullied the two. They of course, challenge her to a race. Rainbow Dash accepts and they zoom off.

Fluttershy walks away, hoping not to bump into another pony, and is recognized by another bully from Flight Camp. This one doesn't seem nearly as bad as Hoops and Score, but she still seems pretty rude. Her name? Cirrus Cloud. Notice that all the pegasi's names seem to either involve the military, flight, or sports? I guess pegasi are by nature the athletes of Equestria. Fluttershy remembers the time when Cirrus and two other mares bullied her near a stinky cheese obstacle course. I wonder why they have those kinds of obstacles?

Cirrus tells us she works for the weather control in Fillydelphia (which is spelt wrong) and she was made the head of the reunion planning committee. Rainbow Dash returns from her race, reassures Fluttershy that even though Cirrus Cloud was a really mean pony, that she's learned her lesson, only to be strung into another race. Fluttershy and Dash see Spitfire along with a group of young foals who were invited to the reunion as well. Spitfire boasts about Rainbow Dash being amazing, and Dashie decides to take the foals through a run-through of the obstacle course. Fluttershy tries to talk to Spitfire, and she who oddly enough seems to want to avoid her. Fluttershy meets two other pegasi, who immediately take off after asking how long she's been standing there. Fluttershy immediately assumes the worst, thinking that everypony is going to pull a Carrie inspired prank by making her the Flight Camp Reunion Queen, only to dump a bucket of rainbows on her and taunt her while she quails in fear.

Fluttershy immediately tries to escape but runs into a factory worker and Cirrus Cloud. Cirrus Cloud tells her she should go get ready, but Fluttershy runs off again. We see a small shot of Cirrus Cloud talking to the factory worker about whether she knows about "that". We aren't told what "that" is, but I'm sure we'll find out soon, yes?

Rainbow Dash shows up again, and it turns out even more ponies challenged her to a race. How can Rainbow not be completely tired by now? Either way, she asks the ponies carrying her to pick up Fluttershy and they head for the reunion party.

Fluttershy hides under the table, and Rainbow, being the good friend she is, goes under to inquire why. Fluttershy immediately says her time hasn't been great as Rainbow was popular and drew ponies to her, while Fluttershy didn't. We hear that a pony who moved to Ponyville is being recognized for her exploits with Princess Twilight and Fluttershy immediately thinks it's Rainbow. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy get a pretty heartfelt scene together about Rainbow promising to stand by Fluttershy no matter what, and apologizing for not being able to before. We also continue to hear about this mysterious pony from Ponyville, who is revealed to be... -gasp- Fluttershy! Fluttershy doesn't hear this as she is still talking to Rainbow Dash, and Rainbow Dash promises that the opinions of the ponies at home in Ponyville are the only ones that count. She also says Fluttershy doesn't have to go up if she doesn't want to. Fluttershy insists as she hears her name and goes up to the stage, expecting a huge prank. Instead she gets the award, and Cirrus Cloud apologizes for her mean behavior back at Flight Camp. The comic ends with Fluttershy being cheered by every pegasi there.

What an amazing comic. This is right up there with the best pony comics by IDW. Lots of heartwarming moments between Rainbow and Fluttershy, which I feel they shouldn't have had Rainbow Dash constantly distracted by other things, instead staying to quell Fluttershy's inner demons, although if she had, this comic might not have had the inner look into Fluttershy's psyche that it did. I loved Hurricane Fluttershy and Filli Vanilli even if the lessons from both were repeated from other episodes, but I love looking into Fluttershy's inner psyche. It's a nice experience and it reminds me of myself when I went to school. Overall, an excellent masterpiece by Jay and Christina. I hope to see these two work on more projects.


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