I'm sure this has already had a blog dedicated to this but I'm curious to see what everybody's least favourite episode of this show is. Tell me your least favourite episode in the comments below. It can be episode from Season 1 to Season 4. I'd make a poll but I don't know how to at the moment. For those of you who have stopped watching the show, just think of the worst episode you watched when you did watch the show.

Mine is Dragonshy followed by Putting Your Hoof Down and Griffon the Brush Off. In all of those episodes, a lot of the characters were very mean-spirited and rude. Angel hit Fluttershy for the simplest of things. And seeing as how there are no therapists in Equestria, everyone ended up driving ponies to tears. They were just really badly written, mean spirited, episodes all of which involved Fluttershy going through hell. And Flutters is my second favourite pony for a reason.