Hello everypony, this is based off of Rallinale's blog series about comparing numbered episodes. But let's compare episodes by writer instead! This time, I'll pair up two writers and we rank their episodes together. This is because ranking episodes by one writer when he or she has only written two (Scott Sonneborn for example) would be unfair.

Today we'll be looking at Charlotte Fullerton and Ed Valentine. Both have written episodes I've liked in the past, however both have their share of duds (actually Ed doesn't have any because he's only written two episodes both of which i liked) but I'm sure we'll be able to rank both of these writer's works.

Feel free to give reasoning behind your choices as well.

I'll rank mine now and post the reasons why in the comments.

1. Flight to the Finish

2. Suited for Success

3. May the best Pet Win!

4. Power Ponies

5. Three's a Crowd

6. Look before you sleep

7. A bird in the hoof

8. Baby Cakes

9. Putting Your Hoof Down