This is a new game I thought up. I'm almost certain this hasn't been done before, but if it has, I'm sorry. Also the title is supposed to be three things, not five things.

Basically the object of the game is to list three facts you know about the previous user or if you don't want to list them about the user, list them about their favourite or least favourite pony. The previous user must post the name of their favourite or least favourite pony in order for this game to work.


User 1: Derpy Hooves

User 2: 1. Likes muffins.

2. Is a mail pony.

3. Is officially named Ditzy Doo.


User 3: 1. Has no known family.

2. Is talented at sports, particularly scooter.

3. Is Rainbow Dash's adopted sister.

Or if you're talking about the user... And before you ask, I know H4M's favourite pony is not Derpy. This is just a demonstration.

User 1 (UltimateH4M): Derpy Hooves

User 2 (OctaviaMelody1996): 1. Is an admin on this site.

2. Is talented at making signatures.

3. Is very friendly.

Rainbow Dash.

I'll start and the first person to post in the comments gets to reply with three facts about me. If you don't know any facts, you can check my profile or you can do facts on my favourite (or least favourite) pony.

Rainbow Dash.

Have some music!

Guess what the music is if you'd like!