I'm sure you've all been waiting for one of the first non-Hurt/Heal blog games to return. And here it is! Corrupt a wish is back!

For newcomers, here are the rules.

The object of the game is to "wish" for something and then the next user must corrupt it.


User 1: I wish I was Rarity's coltfriend.

User 2: Granted, but all the bronies hate you because you are extremely bland and unlikable.

Got that? It's pretty easy to figure out (I hope), but I'm going to wish for something and the first person to comment must corrupt it and post a wish of their own. The process repeats over and over.

In other news, I got my third lucky horseshoe and am nearing 3000 edits. I'm hitting a ton of milestones this month, which is good because the past week has sucked for me.  PS: How do I use the Youtube code?

I wish I could go to Treasure Trove Cove.