Here's something that's been a long time coming. Everyone knows about the MLP app for mobile devices, right? All the wonderful freemium stuff involving using real money to buy gems and other ponies. Yeah... well it's time I looked at the game that I got on launch date and review it to the best of my abilities.

First of all, the game is incredibly repetitive and time consuming. Unless you can get a bazillon gems you'll be spending most of the game waiting for things to be built. Thankfully in the new version exclusive to Amazon Underground (available for people outside of the U.S if you use a VPN) gems are far more common and you no longer have to buy them. But that doesn't take away the fact that you have to wait for pretty much everything. How is it repetitive you say? While they did add a few new games (one of which being a mandatory Equestria Girls game) there's still only three ways to "level up" your ponies. Ball Bounce (a basic bare-bones swipe across the screen to bounce the ball to the pony), Apple Picking (very awkwardly controlled collect-a-thon game where you collect ripe apples and avoid rotten ones) and once you complete a star, Sky clearing (fly through the sky with magic wings which is odd for Princess Twilight since she's an alicorn now collecting bits and clouds to boost your speed, while avoiding thunderclouds and Shadowbolts). These minigames are pretty much the only way to level up your ponies, so if you want your pony to work hard, you'd better enjoy these bland minigames. Another thing is like the Simpsons Tapped Out, you have to assign characters to work at shops to earn money. This takes longer than you think for the later shops which will earn you lots of bits so I recommend taking several hour breaks if you're trying to rake in the bits, or if you want bits quickly 5 minute breaks with the lesser shops. All the shops are fairly expensive and once again with the scarcity of gems even in this new version, you'll be wanting to save up your gems for buying ponies like Granny Smith who still cost 450 gems. Have fun.

If that wasn't bad enough, the game gives you missions to advance the story. Sometimes they're as simple as playing a game or welcoming a pony, other times they're something like play Equestria Girls Agents (can I call it that?) over and over again. If the minigames weren't repetitive enough, they will be by the time you've finished many missions. Unlike in the original version Parasprites do not multiply when you leave the game untouched for a few hours meaning you can essentially just take breaks whenever you want, however the elements are still very uncommon with Magic and Loyalty being the least common. Celestia help you if you get areas with nothing but magic parasprites and no shards. The games ways of earning gems are still far from lucrative. They took out Derpy who would occasionally give you a gem or two and now you can only get gems by leveling up, which you won't unless you complete all those missions. And chances are you'll still hit a brick wall when you get to ponies that cost hundreds of gems. I'm not sure if Rainbow Dash was reduced from 400 gems or not (I heard she was in earlier versions, but I think they changed her back, and she's mandatory). All I wanted was a basic pony simulation game with no freemium elements or waiting, but it doesn't exist for this game. It's a lot of waiting, a lot of grinding, and a lot of frivolously boring minigames that WILL get on your nerves. I'd give this game as it stands right now, a 4/10. The changes they've made are a step in the right direction, but earning gems is still far from lucrative, hearts are almost impossible to get if you don't have a perfect internet connection and it's glitchy as heck, and stars are only obtained through missions and occasionally clicking on buildings that produce bits. The Equestria Girls minigame is nearly impossible if you're not used to rhythm games and the controls are Celestia-awful.

That's all I have to say on this not very rivoting game.