So I heard that fanfics, games, and RPs are popular. So I've decided to make a little something of my own. Since my last RP didn't receive much attention, I've decided to write a fanfic. But this is different. It's not only a fic about this wiki, but it's also an interactive fic. In it, you are either a student, teacher, or principal in the wonderous school of MLP Wikia. Much to everyone's surprise, this school is attended by both ponies and humans alike. We can all take turns writing chapters and make this the best fic ever! Also some ponies will fill the teaching jobs too.

If you don't like your current position and would like to be a student instead, mods, ask me.

Current Staff:

ImperfectXIII (Principal)

Rallinale (Vice Principal)

Callofduty4 (General Chemistry Teacher)

Nuka-Social (English teacher)

Haedman/Professor Pickles (Dance teacher)

Novabomb1/Nanova (Math teacher)

Aerostar (Psychology teacher)

Rainbow Dash (Gym teacher who may or may not be dating Crimson.)

Crimson "Valent" Azure (Computers teacher)

ShadowPirateX/Doctor Shadow (General Science teacher)

UglyTurtle/KawaiiKame (History and philosophy teacher)

Rarity (Drama teacher)

Kool/Princess Iris (School counsellor)

If you want to join the staff and you aren't a mod, you may have to ask me first. But otherwise, sign up and write your own chapters here!

Profiles: How they work.

Name: Crimson Azure (What is the name of your character?)

Age: 21 (How old you are?)

Gender: Male (Could either be Male or Female. Sorry! No robots!)

Species: Alicorn (Are you a human or a species of pony?)

Teaches: Computers. How a pony can teach computers is beyond me. (For teachers only. Students just put N/A.)

Grade: N/A (for students only. Teachers just put N/A.)

Appearance: Long red maned yellow alicorn stallion with blue eyes. (Describe your character here)

Other: Put whatever else you want here.

And that's how you sign up. As soon as you sign up, you can begin to contribute to the story and write your own paragraphs. Have fun!