Hi, I've decided to revamp my RP since while a few people joined, it wasn't enough for me. Instead of simply being ponies, I've decided to branch out and let you be anything you want! 

If this gets too out of hand, I might make a separate forum for it, and I'll need staff members. (preferably whoever joins first)

(This RP is rated PG 13, meaning there might be blood and mild swearing. (the words allowed on this wiki) Reader discretion is advised.

Anyway this is Multiverse of Origin, a revamped RP for this wiki. It's based on an RP I used to do with my friends and has pretty much the same idea.

In this, you control a character of your own creation (or someone from an existing universe, it's up to you) and you can have a party of characters from that universe or a party of your own characters. Sound simple? Well let's get to it, then!

This RP will be done in a standard play script format, although if you want to you can use the regular story format.

Differences between the two:

Play script:

Celestia: ...and that is why I have summoned you here today.

Celestia glanced at the crystals.

Celestia: *hands over a crystal to Derek* Use it wisely. The fate of Equestria, nay the entire multiverse is in your hooves.

default story:

Celestia stood beside a large glass container. In the container were several coloured stones.

"...and that is why I have summoned you here today." Celestia finished.

Glancing at the crystals, Celestia took one in a hoof and handed it to Derek.

"Use it wisely. The fate of Equestria, nay the entire multiverse in is your hooves." Celestia said.

Sounds simple enough? Use whichever one you are comfortable with.

New to this RP are the vortexes. Each vortex can take you to a specific location or give you a power up.

Red: This takes you to another area in the current universe you are in.

Blue: This takes you to another universe entirely.

Yellow: This gives you a power up of your current weapon. A rapier might become two swords for example.

Orange: This allows you to "share" your skills with your party or allies.

White: This takes you to a different time period in the universe you are currently in.

Green: This will grant you a means of travelling. A spaceship, or a mother ship or anything else you may use to travel between universes. 

Gold: There is only one of these. This will take you to Gyforshia, the giant's lair. But it's sealed so you can't enter.

There are other portals, but they have not been discovered yet.

Now then, I'll start with the profile. Unlike my last RP, this isn't a literal RPG, so stats do not come into play here, however, but instead you have this.

Name: (Your characters name here)

Age: (Optional. Your characters age.)

Gender: (Male or Female. This time, I'm allowing robots or genderless characters)

Species: (Whatever species you want. Human, pony, griffon, and dragon are examples.)

Side: (What side does your character serve? Good, Evil, Apathetic, or Neutral)

Weapons: (Your characters weapon(s) here)

Skills: (What skills does your character have? Magic? Flight? Telepathy? Shapeshifting? Whatever you want.)

Description:( A brief description of your character here, if you'd like. Or just leave this blank if you want to keep it secret. Or you can be lazy and post a picture.)

Bio: (Post whatever you want here. Your characters biography goes here.)

Universe: (If your character is from an existing work, please post it here. If not, put OC)

Party: (What characters do you start with? Remember, no using already picked characters! If you are using a character from a non-pony universe, you must make a short bio for him/her/it.) 

Extra: (See bio. Anything else you want to talk about your character goes here.)

So with that in mind...

Name: Crimson "Valent" Azure

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Species: Alicorn pony.

Side: Good

Weapons: A magical rapier that can shift into a bow.

Skills: Magic and Shapeshiting

Description:  My character is a yellow shapeshifting alicorn (formerly a pegasus) with a long red mane and a short tail who was an old friend of Rainbow Dash with blue eyes. (Sometimes green)

Bio: Crimson (previously known as Valent) was born on the Planet Xyzis (don't even bother trying to spell that) of a lost tribe of half human shapeshifters. The planet was attacked by some unknown force and Valent was sent to Equestria on the doorstep of a Cloudsdalian orphange. He was raised as a pegasus under the name "Crimson Azure" and went to school with Rainbow Dash. But now that he's older, he's ready to take his beloved to help him find the tattered remnants of his lost planet, using a starship that recently landed.

Universe: Planet Xyzis (But now Equestria, currently living in Ponyville)

Extra: N/A

Party: Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo

So as soon as you're done making your profile you may start the RP. Enjoy! Here's a little intro to keep you guys interested.

A yellow alicorn was facing a large giant with seven arms that looked like an ugly mutation of a pony and a giant. Standing next to him was Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow: You can take him, Crim!

Crimson was panting and held out his rapier. The giant drew seven sharp blades and knocked Crimson's rapier away. Crimson held out his hoof and the rapier returned to it.

Crimson charged forth and blocked the slashes of the massive giant and managed to strike its belly.

The giant grunted in pain, but backhanded Crimson.

Crimson: He's... too strong.

Rainbow Dash flew around the giant attempting to confuse it, but the giant simply swatted her away.

Crimson: You okay?

Rainbow: Yeah... just a bump on the head.

Crimson: (sighs) How did we get ourselves into this mess?

Crimson woke up with a start. He was in the guest room of Rainbow Dash's large cloudiminimum.

Crimson: Another dream about the giant...?

(Crimson... No, Valent.)

Crimson: W-Who said that?

???: I am Tyzsagar, your guardian angel. I have come to deliver a message. Equestria, no the entire Multiverse is in trouble.

Crimson sat up.

Crimson: The entire... Multiverse?

Tyzsagar: You must know you aren't born on Equestria, yes?

Crimson: True, but I was raised here. And why should that matter?

Ty (Too lazy to type his full name, so I'll call him Ty for short): You wish to find answers about yourself? Like how you were born?

Crimson: Can anyone hear you?

Ty: No. I am speaking to you telepathically in your head. You must gather a team of heroes and face the evil Gyforshia, the pony/giant hybrid.

Crimson: What's a giant?

Ty: A massive human-like creature.

Crimson: What's a hu-

Ty: Never mind. Either way, you must hurry, as he is ripping through the fabric of the multiverse itself.

A red portal appeared before Crimson.

Ty: Go in there and talk to Princess Celestia. I am an acquaintance of hers and she will help you.

Crimson: I want to take Rainbow Dash along with me. And Scootaloo.

Ty: Very well, but hurry!

Crimson headed upstairs to Rainbow Dash's room to wake her up.

(Have fun!)