Well I've decided to merge Multiverse of Origin and Realms of Origin together to make... well... Multiverse of Origin. Same rules apply for both RPs, you can make your own OC and if you'd like, you can have a party/group of characters.

Here's the story.

Story: Celestia has revealed to the mane six that there are other worlds besides Equestria and the Gryphonian Kingdom and that a mysterious force known as the Entities are devouring worlds one by one. It's only a matter of time before they get to Equestria, so Celestia dispatched an elite guard force. They never returned and King Entity is demanding Equestria's surrender. Celestia and Luna contact the rulers of the other worlds and decide to compose a team to destroy the Entities forever. You are part of that team, but you just don't know it yet. Celestia, and the rulers of the other worlds activated vortexes (ancient portals that link the worlds together) in order to travel between the various worlds or through time through a similar fashion to the Entities. With these vortexes, you must travel to each world and eliminate the entities there.

Rules: 1. Don't destroy anything permanently except a minor enemy drone. (unless you're fighting an entity boss) This means no permanently killing other NPCs if you're a bad guy.

2. Do not "warp to the Entity King" and kill him. I want this RP to last for a while yet. You'll get your chance to fight him, don't worry.

3. No swearing besides minor cuss words allowed by the wiki.

In addition to the entities, Changelings, Goombas, Koopas, evil Pokemon, evil ponies, you name it are also enemies being controlled by Entities. You may fight them as well as the Entities whenever you'd like. They appear in multiple worlds.

Current Entities:

Red Entity: The basic entity. A gelatinous-like creature that morphs into various shapes of humans and ponies alike. Uses the sword weapon crafted from matter.

Blue Entity: Slightly stronger entities. Attacks by devouring anything in front of it. See Red Entity for more details. 

Yellow Entity: Archers, attacks with a bow.

Robo Entity: Artificial entities created for the purpose of being antibodies for the Entities. Can malfunction and attack anyone near it with an ax. 

King Entity Zargabaoth: The strongest and most vile entity. Is able to control time and space as well as produce many weapons from the abyss. Other skills are unknown, except that he can create any kind of Entity from matter. 

This RP will be done in a standard play script format, although if you want to you can use the regular story format.

Differences between the two:

Play script:

Celestia: ...and that is why I have summoned you here today.

Celestia glanced at the crystals.

Celestia: *hands over a crystal to Derek* Use it wisely. The fate of Equestria, nay the entire multiverse is in your hooves.

default story:

Celestia stood beside a large glass container. In the container were several coloured stones.

"...and that is why I have summoned you here today." Celestia finished.

Glancing at the crystals, Celestia took one in a hoof and handed it to Derek.

"Use it wisely. The fate of Equestria, nay the entire multiverse in is your hooves." Celestia said.

Sounds simple enough? Use whichever one you are comfortable with.

Unlike before though, you do not have to start in any part of Equestria and are not limited to just ponies or gryphons. This time, you can have any kind of character you want from any existing work. If this gets too chaotic, I'll just move it to it's own site.

Unlike before, I cut out the stats system. Your character can be as strong as he/she/it wants as long as they aren't too overpowered. Here's how you sign up...

Here's how the application form goes.

Name: The name of your character. In my case, my character's name is Crimson Azure who goes under the alias Valent while in other worlds. (This may or may not be his real name)

Species: See Race. If you're a human or pony, put pony. If you're a Pokemon, say Pokemon. If you're a super saiyan crystal dragon Moses Hylian, say that.

Gender: Male, Female, or Genderless. Male for me.

Race: Any kind of pony race or humanoid race, or hell, even an animal/Pokemon race works here For me, I'm choosing an Alicorn pony.

Age: (Optional) Pretty self explanatory. My age is 21.

Side: Good, Evil, Neutral, or Apathetic. Mine is good, obviously.

Weapon: What does your character use? You can use almost any weapon for your character, just be warned if you are not a unicorn or alicorn, the character will carry it in their mouths. My character uses a scythe.

Description: Describe your character, and if possible, provide a picture of him/her. My character is a yellow alicorn (formerly a pegasus) with a long red mane and a short tail who was an old friend of Rainbow Dash with blue eyes. He is currently dating Rainbow Dash. (Sometimes green)

Party: Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo

Other: Put whatever else you want here. (Occupation, accessories, etc) I'm going to leave this blank. You can too if you'd like.

As soon as you sign up, you can start your story.

Vortexes: They do a variety of things based on the colour of the vortex. The current ones are:

Red: This takes you to another area in the current universe you are in.

Blue: This takes you to another universe entirely.

Yellow: This gives you a power up of your current weapon. A rapier might become two swords for example.

Orange: This allows you to "share" your skills with your party or allies.

White: This takes you to a different time period in the universe you are currently in.

Pink: Rule 63 vortex. Turns females into males and males into females. Have fun with this one.

Green: This will grant you a means of travelling. A spaceship, or a mother ship or anything else you may use to travel between universes. 

Platinum: ??? (Do not use until I say so.)

Have fun, and if this becomes successful I may make a sequel.

If you have any questions, I will address them in the comments.

Edit: if you'd like to play, go here and register!