You heard that right. My two year wikiversary was on the 26th about 8 days ago, but I just remembered now so here it is.

I joined this wiki back in mid 2013 having already been a brony for 2 years. I was a huge fan of the show, even though I was very discreet about it, and I had a few brony friends but not very many. I was greeted by the infamous forum game "Hurt/Heal" which I participated in, making a name for myself as the leader of the Rainbow Dash alliance. We got Dashie to the end by allying with the Solars. But you probably don't want to hear about that game, do you?

Anyway, with this blog, I present to you a question asked by the Nostalgia Critic. Have kids shows really gotten better? The NC seems to think so, but I want to hear your opinion. Are Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and this show really our Citizen Kane? Or are they good, but not the best? Leave your opinions in the comments below. *grabs a giant foam hand and points down with it*

Are kids shows better today than they were before?

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