Well as a few of you know, I saw Equestria Girls two years ago, back when S3 had just ended. I watched it and the pony segments were pretty funny. That is, until they reached the human world. 

(PS: There are spoilers for RR here.)

-Fan Pandering.

-Flash Sentry.

-High School.

-Really bad songs.

-Sunset Shimmer being a pretty bland villain.

Those were my main problems with the first Equestria Girls movie. Let's see if they were fixed in Rainbow Rocks shall we? (Warning wall o' text!)

Well, Twilight returns to the human world to find a battle of the bands going on. I'll admit, I kind of like the Dazzlings. They are much more interesting than Sunset Shimmer, especially Sonata Dusk. But, again, guess who's in it and has an even bigger role than before? You guessed it, Flash Sentry. I thought they'd realize that Flash was a boring stereotypical love interest so they'd work on his character a little more. Nope. Instead, we have Flash being a jerk to Twilight (I know, I know, he was under the Dazzlings spell, but STILL) and when he's finished being brainwashed, the two look like they're going to have a moment. Then human Trixie (who is now one of my favourite EG characters) jumps in between them and stops the moment. Take that, Flash! Another one of my biggest complaints with this movie is that everypony (or is that every human) is back to their early S1 characterization, RD being brash and selfish as hell (this is the reason why people hate her. THIS), Pinkie Pie being utterly obnoxious but kinda funny,  Fluttershy being painfully shy (to the point it gets annoying, I mean I could tolerate this in S1, but now there's no real excuse for that now) etc. 

But that's not my real problem with me. The songs are absolutely terrible. No, I think these rank with some of the worst songs I've ever heard in my life. Shake your tail is a huge offender, followed by Awesome as I wanna be, and every other song in the movie. I'm afraid I don't like any song in this movie. I tried to, but I just couldn't. They get stuck in your head, I'll give them that, but they aren't good songs. (I STILL have Shake your tail stuck in my head)

Other than the songs, the characterization, Flash Sentry, and the Fan Pandering, it was an okay movie. Not the best, but if you took out all of that, I could see it being a decent film.

And that's all I've got to say on the subject. Feel free to type your opinion on the movie or respond to this blog in the comments below.