If there's one touchy subject when it comes to any given fandom it's shipping. It's something virtually no one can agree 100% on. And should you be that poor unfortunate soul who thinks that pretty girl should go out with that dorky "loser" of a guy or vice versa, you're in for a bit shock.

Personally I have a few shippings that I support but these are some of the pairings that I will never support.

SoarinDash: Soarin has appeared in what, two episodes? We don't know anything about him outside of the fact he's nice and likes pies. I don't have a problem with his character but he doesn't really match up with Rainbow Dash's character that well. Especially since he hasn't been given enough character development. Plus this seems more like a "Girl dates her idol" kind of thing which doesn't always work. I picture Rainbow Dash becoming a Wonderbolt or their personal trainer, but not ending up with any of the Wonderbolts, especially one who's gotten so little character development.

FlutterMac: See above. Big Mcintosh SEEMS like an interesting character but like Soarin, he suffers from not having many lines in the series outside of "Eyup!". Also just because he's shy, doesn't meet he'll fit Fluttershy perfectly. For all we know he could already be dating some pony as well. I'd like the mane six to be related at some point down the line, but not through this. I think this and SoarinDash are my two least favourite shippings ever. If Fluttershy was to end up with anyone, I'd like them to have more of a personality outside of saying one liners.

FlashLight aka Twilight Breaking Dawn: Yep, you all saw this coming. There are so many things wrong with this shipping that if I pointed them out now we'd be here all night. I think the only reason Mr. Sentry exists is to sell toys of a rocker nice guy. I like rockers in other series like Klavier Gavin from Apollo Justice, but not in this case especially when they aren't given much character development like Soarin and Big Mcintosh above outside of bumping into the mane protagonist every once in awhile. This couple also reminds me too much of Bella/Edward, you know that dorky nerdy girl who doesn't have many friends dates this popular handsome young man who is rather shy but loved by the girls? Someone even made a mock movie poster of this pairing in the style of the first Twilight movie.

That's about it for the pairings I don't (and never will) support. I'd kind of like to keep the pairings I support to myself. That, and you probably know a few of the pairings I support already, such as my OC Crimson Azure and Rainbow Dash. But I digress, what are your thoughts on certain shippings and shipping as a whole, this can be MLP shipping or any other work out there.