Alright it's time to talk shipping again, but this time, we're going to be covering some shippings that I personally like and/or support in addition to a few I don't support. This is going to be in the style of Digibrony's analysis videos, so this is going to be quite lengthy. This is only going to be three pairings. The next blog will feature three more.
Warning, wall of text!

Let's start with one I don't support. Scootaloo X Rainbow Dash!

ScootaDash: What can I say about this one? Well for one, Scootaloo is way too young for Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash is presumably a mare in her early twenties while Scootaloo is anywhere from 9 to 13. This could work once Scootaloo gets a little bit older, but I don't get the vibe that Rainbow Dash likes Scootaloo in that way and is willing to wait until Scootaloo gets older. Scootaloo however strikes me as an overly obsessive fangirl. And I mean overly obsessive! She even wears a wig with Rainbow Dash's mane colours and starts a fan club for her idol, one thing that Dashie doesn't do when it comes to the Wonderbolts. When she finds out Rainbow Dash is coming with her on a camping trip, she does her very best to impress Rainbow Dash which only gets her a scolding after she almost gets herself killed. As such, I can imagine the affection on Scootaloo's part to be very one sided puppy love. Scootaloo loves Rainbow Dash and wants to be her, but Rainbow Dash simply loves her like a sister, nothing more. This pairing could work out if the feelings weren't so one sided and there wasn't that big of an age gap between the two.

FlutterDash: Here's a shipping I support, and for good reasons. Rainbow Dash started originally not being able to tolerate Fluttershy cowardice at times, but slowly grew to not only accepting her as a friend, but doing her best to support her. Even before Character Development kicked in, Dash was standing up for Fluttershy to a group of bullies. By season 2, she's willing to wake Fluttershy up for the first bit of apple cider, not just out of concern for herself but also for concern for Fluttershy as well. And it only gets better as by Hurricane Fluttershy she tones down her original brisk voice and reminds Fluttershy that they have an important duty and that Rainbow Dash can't do it without her and is nothing short of encouraging throughout the rest of Hurricane Fluttershy. Fluttershy, along with Scootaloo, are the two ponies Dash shows serious concern for, out of all the major characters. This leads me to believe they might have developed romantic feelings for each other despite being nearly polar opposites and liking completely different things. Dash feels she has to protect 'Shy over all else and S3 had her show concern for Fluttershy even more in a few scenes. There's also two infamous scenes which fans have cited. The "You're Game?!" scene from Hurricane Fluttershy and the "kiss" scene from A Canterlot Wedding. But let's not get into those scenes, as they aren't relevant. What IS relevant is Rainbow Dash is willing to stick up for Fluttershy and support her in any sort of way she can. Could she be showing sisterly love or something more? Until Meghan McCarthy says otherwise or someone else on the team states something, I'm willing to give this couple my full support.

AppleDash: This is a shipping I could very well support, only I just don't think it's been given enough support in canon yet. I feel Applejack's rivalry with Rainbow Dash hasn't been fleshed out. We know they both like to compete and be the best at everything. What we don't know, is why they stay such close friends, despite both constantly arguing and trying to be right. I think AJ and Rainbow could very well be an excellent pairing, but it lacks development. There's only been like two episodes where the two directly interact, despite all the potential for a good ship. I think it's very possible the two mares care for each other very much, but we aren't shown enough interaction between them that isn't with their friends. I think what would make for an excellent episode, would be another episode like Fall Weather Friends (Castle Mania got it half right) only now Rainbow Dash doesn't act like a poor sport and plays fairly. I'd like to see more interactions between the two ponies in the future as well as Applejack adopting some of Rainbow Dash's interests such as reading.

Well that took a lot out of me. I'm done for now. Share your thoughts on these three pairings in the comments below. If you liked this blog, I could very well do more like it.