Well there's been one aspect of Season 4 that's broken the fanbase in two, besides a few of the episodes and that's the Wonderbolts. Were they really in character in Rainbow Falls? Have we been wrong about them this whole time and they were really complete jerks? My answer? No. I personally think the episode wrote everyone (especially Rainbow Dash and the 'Bolts) out of character. As much as I want to ignore this episode because of the WB being out of character, I know I can't because it's a key episode. Let's take a quick look at the Wonderbolt's history, shall we?

Sonic Rainboom: Wonderbolts are saved by Rainbow Dash and are extremely nice and grateful.

The Best Night Ever: Wonderbolts end up being the only nice ponies to the mane six at the Grand Galloping Gala and are still extremely nice.

Secret of my Excess and Hurricane Fluttershy: (grouping these together for convenience sake since they are the only appearence of the Wonderbolts and only Hurricane Fluttershy has any one of them in a speaking role): The Wonderbolts are stiill perceived as nice ponies and are genuinely concerned when the water wasn't going to get up to Cloudsdale. Spitfire was extremely lazy, but at least she was going to help if Fluttershy didn't do anything. She even congratulates RD and Fluttershy in the end!

Wonderbolts Academy: This is where things get different. Spitfire is portrayed in a more negative light in this episode than she was in the previous seasons, but she's at the very least reasonable enough to listen to Rainbow Dash when Lightning Dust tries to hurt RD's friends. Even though she's not especially the nicest pony out there, she's on the job and doesn't want to show RD any special treatment.

Rainbow Falls: And this is where everyone starts hating the Wonderbolts. Spitfire, Fleetfoot, and even Soarin are portrayed in a villainous light being the overconfident team who urges Rainbow Dash to join and abandon each other when they go in the hospital. Hoo boy... this is absolutely ridiculous how people hate the Wonderbolts for this one episode when it's quite obvious they were out of character. Corey Powell? You've wrotten a few episodes I like, but your idea of how the Wonderbotls act is very off kilter for me.

What are my general opinion of the Wonderbolts? Well I'll be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of them either. (Soarin mostly for "waifu stealing") Spitfire is a different story though, I do actually really like her. Heck, I loved her in Wonderbolts Academy. Her drill sergeant personality was not only funny, but kind of cute as well. But because of Corey Powell's difficulty understanding the characters, she wrote Spitfire to be a jerk which I do not approve of.

Post in the comments what you think of this blog, the Wonderbolts, or anything else you can think of. Or give me an idea of what I can cover in a future blog.