Welcome to WWP. If you've seen WWE, you probably know what this is. If not, here's the rundown: Ponies fighting ponies in the ring for honour and glory. How would your favourite pony fair in the ring? Now's the time to test it out. Think of this as a spiritual successor to Pony Arena Game.

You may vote on the poll to see who would win in a match up and tomorrow or Friday, I'll edit the blog and start writing the matches based on who's in the lead. You have about 24 hours to vote, so vote for your favourite pony.

Now, let the match begin.

Combatant 1: Applejack

Combatant 2: Pinkie Pie

Referee: Rainbow Dash

Announcer: Cheese Sandwich

Now let me explain what each of these is so we're speaking the same language here.

Combatant 1 and 2: Pretty self explanitory, these are the fighters in the ring fighting for glory and honour.

Referee: This is the pony that will be calling out penalties and judging the match like a regular combat referee would. Though the announcer commentates, the referee does most of the dirty work breaking up fighters if they're too violent. If you don't know what a referee is, it's basically a judge of a sport that wears a black and white striped top and does the above. Pretty basic.

Announcer: This is the stallion (or mare) giving the commentary for the match. While the referee will break up brutal fights, the announcer calls out all the action for the audience, announcing big moves and the like.

And that's about it, any questions please leave so in the comments and be sure to leave who you voted for in the comments and why.

Poll is now closed. Winner will be in a future blog post.