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Hello everypony. As you may or may not know, a new episode was announced today about Rainbow Dash finally becoming a Wonderbolt. This is good news although I wonder what's the point? Rainbow Dash has proven time and time again how fallible the Wonderbolts are and there's no reason for her to join them especially since she could use her leadership skills elsewhere. According to the episode, Rainbow Dash gets saddled (no pun intended) with another unflattering nickname just like Rainbow Crash from the Flight Camp bullies. This makes me wonder if she's actually got stockholm syndrome and has been with the Wonderbolts for so long all the respect she should have lost has remained. There's also rumours floating around that Soarin might get into a relationship with Rainbow Dash if he's not a part of the teasing. I'd like to see them tackle a good bullying episode, but honestly, doing it with the Wonderbolts seems overdone and cliche. I personally want Soarin to join in on the bullying because it will make his character more interesting than a doormat blank slate that any fanfic writer can project their love of Rainbow Dash onto. Plus he and Rainbow are too similar so I don't see them hooking up even if people want them to.

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