Okay, I want to make something absolutely clear. This is not in response to people prefering Applejack or Rarity or people like Doopliss who have reasonable reasons to dislike her. No, this is a response to overzealous haters who want her to burn in a fire, or post disturbing fanart of her gruesome death i.e all those grimdark fics.

What's with all the hate? Is it just because she's probably one of the more obviously flawed characters, as opposed to someone like Shining Armor? Or perhaps it's because they just don't like her character at all and would rather she was removed from the show. Without going into detail, I've read my share of "alternate character interpretation" fics where RD has become something of a bully to ponies like Scootaloo or Fluttershy, both of whom she's shown to care about a lot. (Don't get me started on "Scootabuse"!) I honestly love her the best because she's realistic. Her flaws are easy to spot, but not in the way that it makes her unlikable. She has plenty of moments where she's nothing but kind to other ponies. Part of me thinks Rainbow in her moments of weakness may have a mental disorder which isn't apparent until you watch episodes back.

Think back to Dragonshy when she could barely stand Fluttershy, fuming with impatience at her cowardice. Now flash forward a few episodes to Call of the Cutie where she's shown to be great with kids, helping Apple Bloom in an attempt to get her cutie mark. Unfortunately, this would become the CMC's M.O. Then flash forward to Season 2's May The Best Pet Win where she's honestly worried about Tank getting hurt in the competition, despite brushing him off. And then when he does become her pet, she nuzzles him. Aww... Then in "The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 3000" she wakes up Fluttershy to get her in on her plan to hoard cider. Yes, this is the same pony who previously didn't understand Fluttershy's meekness. She could have let Fluttershy sleep and hoarded the cider by herself (it didn't matter in the end because the cider was already almost gone, thank you Pinkamena Diane Pie) but she didn't. That's why I love her so much! And then we get to my personal favourite episode, Hurricane Fluttershy where she's nothing but kind and gentle to Fluttershy, as well as supportive. When she realized she couldn't break the record, she dropped all plans to break it, and just focused on getting to Cloudsdale, showing her loyalty to both Cloudsdale, Ponyville, and it's pegasi.

When Spitfire congratulations Rainbow on getting the water, Dashie immediately cedes to Fluttershy, saying that it was because Fluttershy overcame her fears for Dashie that they were able to get the water to Cloudsdale. Then we flash forward to "Sleepless in Ponyville" where she scares the kids with ghost stories. It's all in good fun though, and when she realizes Scootaloo is afraid at the end of episode, she drops the brave face and admits she used to be afraid of the stories too, but just thought of thme as stories and that's how she got over her fear. She sternly tells Scootaloo for running away and falling off the waterfall because she cares, it's the same thing a big sister or mother would do if their child/little sister were almost hit by a car. The fact that Rainbow Dash shows a serious sisterly love for Scootaloo really made me like her even more, and made me want to say "Hah! Take that, Scootabuse fics!".

Then flash forward AGAIN to "Flight to the Finish" where Rainbow is once again shown to be great with kids, eagerly showing her enthusiasm for the Equestria Games by teasing Ms. Harshwhinny, and helping the kids work on their routine giving positive feedback including almost squee-ing with delight at the CMC's routine. She scolds Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom not because she's upset with them, but because they abandoned their friend in her time of need. As said by many people who have discussed this episode, this is the denoument of the character development she's been getting over the seasons. Rainbow Dash has been showing a vast sense of integrity throughout the seasons, even back when she wasn't as developed as she is now.

So stop with the Rainbow Dash hate. She is a normal flawed pony similar to you and me, with plenty of likable qualities.

Now onto my next topic of discussion, OCs. I think I pretty much said mostly everything I wanted to say on why I think OCs need to stop being criticized before, but I'll reiterate it here.

They're someone's created character and not an official character. Just because someone makes an OC to ship themselves with Rainbow Dash or Fluttershy, does not mean we should be saying stuff like "lolunoriginal" just because their OCs like somewhat like the pony they are shipped with.

While I do agree there are bad OCs out there with Bludshot The Hedgehog-esque backstories, there are still a fair amount of good OCs and people who try to make their OCs original. Obviously, you can't make something 100% original as the law of the internet goes, if you think of something, chances are, it's been done before. I posted a picture of my OC on Derpibooru and got dislikes up the wazoo simply because he looked similar to Rainbow Dash and his name wasn't original. People say bronies can't be mean spirited are quite wrong. They can be mean spirited and it's possible for them to say hurtful things.

I think I'm done rambling for now, feel free to leave your comments about this blog, the topics discussed, or anything else you want in the comments below.