Welcome to the 30th round of Pony Arena Game. It's time to begin a round I'm sure most of you were anticipating.

Here we will begin mostly rematches, but there will be some new ideas thrown in.

First of all, we have Rainbow Dash vs Fluttershy! Both pegasi have beaten the other at some point, Rainbow in the 6th round and Fluttershy in the tournament, but which is truly the better pony? Will Rainbow Dash's winning streak once again be broken or will she emerge victorious?

Pony Arena Game Rematch: Hurricane Fluttershy

Winner: Fluttershy


Next we have a rematch of the duo from Look Before You Sleep Rarity and Applejack. I think it's about time Rarity won something, so without further ado, begin!

Pony Arena Game Rematch: Look Before You Sleep

Winner: Rarity


And speaking of Rarity and Rainbow Dash, they starred in an episode not too long ago. Which was the better pony in that episode. Did you sympathize with Rainbow's plight or were you a Detective Rarity fan?

Pony Arena Game Rematch: Rarity Investigates

Winner: Rainbow Dash


Next we have Princess Twilight Sparkle versus Pinkie Pie. Twilight is the sensible and scientific bookworm while Pinkie's antics defy logic. Which one is the better mare? Twilight and her down to earth nature, or Pinkie Pie and her zany antics?

Pony Arena Game: Feeling Pinkie Keen

Winner: Pinkie Pie

Next up we have the two major antagonists of the episode "Twilight's Kingdom" Discord, who betrayed his friends to join the dark side once again, and Lord Tirek, who drained the magic of the equines and became nearly omniescent. Which was the better villain?

Twilight's Kingdom Villains

Winner: Discord


Speaking of Discord, we have the two Discord-centric episodes of Season 5. Which episode made you laugh harder or was the better one?

Pony Arena Game: Season 5 Discord Episodes

Winner: Make New Friends But Keep Discord

Now we have the two motherly figures (I guess AJ could be a motherly figure to Apple Bloom) of their respective families: Cloudy Quartz vs Granny Smith. Which was the cooler older or middle aged mare?

Pony Arena Game: Granny Pie

Winner: Granny Smith

Next we have two songs sung by two popular ponies (and in Sunset's case, former pony) of the cast, I'll Fly vs My Past Is Not Today. Which one made you empathize with the character more?

Pony Arena Game: Tragic Decision

Winner: My Past Is Not Today

Next we have Angel Bunny vs Opalesence. Should Angel get all the carrots he wants or should Opal eat him for lunch? You decide!

Pony Arena Game: Cats and Carrots

Winner: Angel Bunny


Next we have something suggested by Choong57 and kind of a last minute entry, but here we go. The premiere episodes face off in this epic battle.

Pony Arena Game: Premiere Episodes

Winner: Friendship is Magic

Next up we have two episodes based off feuding. The Hooffields and McColts vs Over a Barrel. Which one got you into the feuding or hillbilly spirit?

Pony Arena Game: Pocahontas vs Hatfields

Winner: Over a Barrel

Now it's time for a rematch between two of the most popular male characters, Spike and Discord. Which one represents boys or guys better?

Pony Arena Game: Male representative

Winner: Discord


And we have a new theme! Mane six pairings! Everyone loves to pair the mane six with each other, but which pairings are the best? You decide in this final round.

First up we have three Rainbow Dash pairings. Which pairing works for Rainbow Dash the best?

Pony Arena Game: Rainbow Dash Pairings

Winner: FlutterDash

Next up we have a few Rarity pairings. Which one feels the best for our favourite white unicorn?

Pony Arena Game: Rarity pairings

Winner: Rarijack

Next we have some Applejack pairings. Which one fits her tomboyish nature the most?

Pony Arena Game: Applejack Pairings

Winner: ApplePie

And that does it for this round of Pony Arena Game. Sorry I couldn't do as much as I wanted to, but I wanted to get as much done as I could, so here we go. Voting ends the 23rd of November and as usual, I'm too lazy to look up who suggested some of these. I credited Choong, but I'm too lazy to look up the rest. I hate to put so much work on you, GuineaPig, but could you check?

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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