Welcome back to Pony Arena Game! GuineaPig is thinking of doing another tournament, so the next couple of rounds will be hosted by me. Now let's get straight into it.

First up is Princess Celestia, the ruler of all of Equestria versus the ruler of the Crystal Empire and wife of Shining Armor, Princess Cadance. Which princess was the better one? The Princess of the Sun or the Princess of Love?

Pony Arena Game: What is love?

Winner: Princess Celestia

Next is the two pop idols of Equestria, Sapphire Shores and Countess Coloratura. Both are friendly towards the mane six, in particular Rarity and Applejack. Which idol was more interesting?

Pony Arena Game: Idols of Equestria

Winner: Coloratura

Next is a potential couple that got popular through the comics, Marble Pie and Big Mcintosh. Apples won the last round, but can Big Mcintosh bring home the win again, or is Marble Pie more interesting?

Pony Arena Game: Comic Couple

Winner: Marble Pie

Next up is two Season 1 episodes I personally don't like both dealing with brash boasters who get redeemed in Seasons 3 and 5. Which had the better antagonist and was more fun to watch?

Pony Arena Game: Magic Griffons

Winner: Griffon the Brush Off

Next we have the two main villains of the second and third Equestria Girls movies. With the fourth on it's way, we must now talk about the second and third movies. Which group of villains was more interesting?

Pony Arena Game: Canterlot High Rivals

Winner: The Dazzlings

Speaking of Equestria Girls, which sport was the best in Friendship Games?

Pony Arena Game: Canterlot High Sports

Winner: Motocross

And speaking of sports, which event that Apple Bloom was coached through by Rainbow Dash is better?

Pony Arena Game: Equestrian Sports I

Winner: Karate

While we're at it, let's compare the songs featured in Crusaders of the Lost Mark, one of the best CMC episodes ever.

Pony Arena Game: Crusaders of the Lost Mark Songs

Winner: Light of Your Cutie Mark

And for a few bonus polls, what episode and character do you think would have won Pony Arena War Game if we continued it?

Pony Arena Game: Pony Arena War Game Episode Winner?

Winner: Slice of Life

Pony Arena Game: Pony Arena War Game Characters Winner?

Winner: Sunset Shimmer

And that's it for this round of Pony Arena Game. Tune in next week for Round 36. And thank you ever so much for your continued support in this game. It couldn't be run without you.

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