Well, it's my time to shine, so here we go, Round 18 of the Pony Arena Game. Sorry it's so late, I didn't get any sleep last night.

This round's theme is Cutie Mark Crusaders! We all know and love these young precocious children, but what about them makes them stand out from other foals? This round we'll be comparing the best of the best of the CMC so without further ado, here we go!

First up, we have two episodes about bullying. Bullying's a tough subject to talk about, but which of these episodes handled bullying better and to be specific, more maturely?

Bullies 'R Us

Winner: One Bad Apple

Next up we have two Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes that weren't as well received. Which one felt better?

Crusaders of the Lost Fail

Winner: The Show Stoppers

Thirdly, we have two episodes which are considered "sappy" by Scootaloo and occasionally Apple Bloom. Which one wasn't as sappy?

Sappy Friendship

Winner: Hearts and Hooves Day

Next we have three very beloved Cutie Mark Crusaders episodes, each starring a different member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Princess Luna. Which one was the crème de la crème?

Requiem for a Dream Trilogy

Winner: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Finally we have Apple Bloom's first two appearances in the show, Call of the Cutie and the pilot episode. Aren't you gonna stay for brunch?

Cutie Mark Beginnings

Winner: Call of the Cutie

And that's all for this round. Voting ends August 31st so get your votes in quickly. GuineaPig or Meester, would you mind updating the list for me to include this round?

Edit: Sorry I was a little late on this, but the results are in. Only one of my choices won, but there's always next time for some of these episodes. Hint hint.

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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