After a few weeks hiatus, Pony Arena is back up and running! Originally, my good man GuineaPig was going to do this round but this time I've decided to take up the reins and do this round.

This round's theme is once again: Rainbow Dash! (Don't worry, Creeper, I'll do a Spike themed round eventually) Most of these will involve the blue furred, rainbow maned pegasus/human, although there will be a few exceptions. So let us begin!

First up is Indigo Zap vs Rainbow Dash. Both of these characters value speed and agility over all else and are very athletic. Which one is the better character?

Pony Arena Game: Zap 'n' Dash Winner: Rainbow Dash

Next up is Rainbow Dash vs Spitfire. Both of these pegasi are in the Wonderbolts. One is the reserved Wonderbolt in training while another is the illustrious captain of the Wonderbolts. Which one is the more interesting character?

Pony Arena Game: Bolts of Brash Winner: Rainbow Dash

Third is a non-RD poll. This time it's two best friends going at it. One is a humble country farmer, the other is a famed Manehattan Superstar Countess Coloratura. Which one sang to your heart more?

Pony Arena Game: Country Folk vs City Mice Winner: Coloratura

Now we have another non-RD poll. This time it's our Heroine Twilight Sparkle vs the mane antagonist of Season 5. Which one spoke to you more?

Pony Arena Game: Fleeting TwiGlimmer Winner: Twilight Sparkle

Fifthly, we have the two most popular mane six characters out there, fanart and merchandise wise. Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash. Would you rather be friends with the calm, introverted, collected, bookish Twilight Sparkle, or the extroverted, athletic, brash speedster with a heart of gold Rainbow Dash? Will Twilight break Rainbow's win streak in Pony Arena outside of the spin off games? Or will Rainbow remain practically undefeated?

Pony Arena Game: Mane Mares Winner: Twilight Sparkle

Finally, we have two former best friends, then not so much, then after four seasons, reconciled friends, Gilda and Rainbow Dash. Which felt like the more interesting speedster? The aloof defrosting, darn near adorable as a kid, Gilda, or the lovable jock Rainbow Dash.

Pony Arena Game: The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone Winner: Rainbow Dash

And that does it for this round of Pony Arena. Tune in later (which will be decided by GP and I) for Round 35 which will likely be hosted by GuineaPig himself.

Edit: And that's the end of this round. Thank you to all who continue to support PAG. I'll post the 35th round shortly. I didn't expect Rainbow to actually lose to Twilight this time. I hope you all continue to support PAG in the future.

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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