Welcome welcome welcome, a fine welcome to you! Welcome welcome welcome I say how do you do? ...Okay, that song got in my head after watching A Friend In Deed recently, so we'll just ignore that and focus on the actual round, okay?

First up we have two of the wealthiest non-nobility ponies in Equestria, Diamond Tiara's father Filthy Rich and Fancy Pants an aquaintance of Rarity's who called Ponyville "charmingly rustic". Which one was a better character and/or nicer?

Pony Arena Game: Mr. Moneybags

Winner: Fancy Pants

Second we have the two major Pie sisters, Maud Pie and Pinkie Pie. Which did you find more amusing?

Pony Arena Game: Baked Goods and Rock 'n' Roll

Winner: Pinkie Pie

Thirdly we have the two cutie mark crusaders episodes that everyone thinks "Eh.". Which one did you like better?

Pony Arena Game: Cutie Calling

Winner: Call of the Cutie

Next we have the two most positively (for better or worse) received Season 5 episodes thus far: Slice of Life and Crusaders of the Lost Mark. Which one made you laugh and cheer more?

Pony Arena Game: Season 5 Slammers

Winner: Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Next we have two currently not reformed bad guys, Tirek and King Sombra. One was imprisoned for life, and the other had his soul destroyed. Which one did you like better?

Pony Arena Game: Hearts as black as night

Winner: King Sombra

Here's a few I made on my own.

Next we have three episodes where Rainbow Dash is a coach. Which one was the best?

Pony Arena Game: Coach Dashie

Winner: Flight to the Finish

Now we have two episodes that featured Spike as a knight in shining armor. Which one was better?

Pony Arena Game: Spike in Shining Armor

Winner: Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?

Now we have the comics, which main series was your favourite?

Pony Arena Game: Comic Craze

Winner: Friends Forever

And we have a new theme! Crazy Character Depictions!

Next we have the two depictions of Twilight Sparkle: Sci-Twi and Pony-Twi. Which one do you sympathize with the most?

Pony Arena Game: Science of Books

Winner: Pony Twilight Sparkle

Next we have two common character interpretations of Rainbow Dash, Coach Dash (who is a star athlete trainer for a sport be it the Wonderbolts, soccer, or something else, or Geek/Nerd Dash who people seem to like making artwork of ever since she came out of the book closet. Which do you think would suit her better?

Pony Arena Game Depictions: Rainbow Dash

Winner: Coach Rainbow Dash

Next up we have two depictions of Rarity: Crazy Cat Lady or Radiance from Power Ponies. Which would you like to see Rarity as more?

Pony Arena Game Depictions: Rarity

Winner: Radiance

Fourthly of the character depictions, we have Fluttershy. There are three common depictions of her, Cult Leader (from Friendship is Witchcraft), Explorer/Adventurer, and Native. Which one do you like best?

Pony Arena Game Depictions: Fluttershy

Winner: Native Equestrian Fluttershy

Now we come to Applejack, and three character interpretations of her are Athlete, Business Pony, and Cowgirl. Which one feels right for AJ? Yeehaw!

Pony Arena Game Depictions: Applejack

Winner: Cowgirl Applejack

Finally we come to Pinkie Pie. There's a popular depiction of her that I won't include, but these ones are fair game: Stalker of Rainbow Dash and possibly the entire town, Rock obsessed Rock Farmer, or Baker and Party lover.

Pony Arena Game: Depictions: Pinkie Pie

Winner: Baker Pie

PS: If I can't use stalker Pinkie, let me know. I don't think it's against the rules though.

Now we have the three best songs of Rainbow Rocks. Battle, Welcome to the Show, and Under Our Spell. Which one was the best?

Pony Arena Game: Rainbow Will Rock You

Winner: Under Our Spell

Next we have two recently reformed villains (if by recent you mean 2013, but whatever) Sunset Shimmer and Diamond Tiara. Which one was deeper and more interesting and made you feel for them more?

Pony Arena Game: Reformed Bullies

Winner: Sunset Shimmer

And that wraps up this round. Voting ends November 2nd, so get those votes in quickly!

Credits for this round go to: 

Mega Sean 45


Crimson "Valent" Azure


Fruity Treeze



Thank you GuineaPig for giving me a list.

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