Welcome to the 28th round of Pony Arena Game. Today we'll be featuring a bunch of matchups in the hopes of Rainbow Dash extending her win record-I mean in the hopes of other ponies getting up there in the Hall of Fame.

First match we have is three episodes that were more or less given very positive feedback and considered to be the best of their respective seasons, Magical Mystery Cure, Pinkie Pride, and Crusaders of the Lost Mark. Which one was the best of the three?

Pony Arena Game: Seasons Collide

Winner: Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Next we have the two shy ponies of both the Pie family and our shy heroine. Which was more interesting?

Pony Arena Game: Shy Pie

Winner: Fluttershy

Next, in the spirit of the upcoming Hearth's Warming Eve, we have the two episodes that featured the holiday. So which was better?

Pony Arena Game: Pony Christmas

Winner: Hearthbreakers

Next, again, in the spirit of winter, we have two more episodes that feature the upcoming cold season. Which one felt cooler?

Pony Arena Game: Ice Ice Foaly

Winner: Tanks for the Memories

Next we have two recently reformed bullies. Will Diamond Tiara continue her losing streak or will she finally be thrown a bone and win over Gilda?

Pony Arena Game: Reformed Bullies II

Winner: Diamond Tiara

Next we have three songs sung by Rainbow Dash, one of which with backup singers, two of which were sung by Human Rainbow Dash. Which one was the best of the bunch.

Pony Arena Game: Rainbow Dash Solos

Winner: I'll Fly

Next we have the Equestria Girls films as a whole. Though I have a feeling I know which one is going to win, which one was the best?

Pony Arena Game: Equestria Girls

Winner: Rainbow Rocks

Seeing as how Halloween has come and gone, why don't we vote on the best Nightmare Night episode?

Pony Arena Game: Nightmare Night

Winner: Scare Master

And we have a new theme! Villains. What is My Little Pony without it's villains? Well, a good slice of life show. But if it was just slice of life, it would get stale and repetitive, no? Well, here's the villains that the writers throw at us to mix things up.

First up we have the currently reformed villains. Which one is the best? Listed in the order they are reformed. This is one of the only five polls.

Pony Arena Game: Reformed Villains

Winner: Sunset Shimmer

Next we have the villains that weren't reformed or destroyed in some fashion. Which one did you like best?

Pony Arena Game: Destroyed Villains

Winner: The Dazzlings

Next we have the female season ending villains (including the movie villains). Which one was the best femme fatale?

Pony Arena Game: Femme Fatales

Winner: Queen Chrysalis

And that does it for this round of Pony Arena Game. Lots of people to credit, so I'll be lazy and leave that to Guinea Pig. If he doesn't want to do it, I'll get around to it eventually.

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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