Welcome to the 33th installment of Pony Arena Game. I'm your host, Crimson "Valent" Azure, but you can call me Crimson or Valent for short. This round's going to have a few rematches mixed in with your ideas, but it's going to be pretty short for the most part. Enjoy!

First we have The Heart Carol vs The Land I Love. These songs were sung by fan favourite Countess Coloratura aka Rara. While she isn't my favourite supporting cast member, she nonetheless has become one of my all time favourite cast members and is probably my favourite childhood friend character and celebrity in Equestria. Which of these songs filled your heart with joy?

Pony Arena Game: Love is Blind Winner: The Land I Love

Next we have two songs about friendship. One sung by the Cutie Mark Crusaders and the other sung by the mane six in Magical Mystery Cure. Which one was more epic?

Pony Arena Game: A True True Mark Winner: We'll Make Our Mark

Next up we have Svengallop versus Spoiled Rich, the two jerkfaces of Season 5 being indirectly responsible for Rara's apparent stuffiness and Diamond Tiara's bullying as her mom making them essentially major antagonists that aren't Big Bads. Which of these snobs was less snobby?

Pony Arena Game: Upperclass Stuffiness Winner: Svengallop

Next we have two more pets. After Angel's startling victory over Opalesence, it's time to compare two more popular and well received pets, Gummy and Winona. Which was the more interesting and cooler pet to have?

Pony Arena Game: Loyal Animal Companions Winner: Winona

Next we have a rematch. Angel Bunny versus Tank. Which of these two pets was the more interesting pet.

Pony Arena Game: The Tortoise and the Hare Winner; Tank

And finally we have another rematch of Spitfire versus Rainbow Dash. Will Spitfire's losing streak continue and Rainbow Dash get her streak back, or will Rainbow Dash fall from grace?

Pony Arena Game: Rainbow Falls 2 Winner: Rainbow Dash

That's all the matches for today. Voting ends on Monday the 14th and I hope you all have fun with this and PAWG.

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