Welcome to Pony Arena Game. Since GuineaPig is caught up doing the tournament and Meester Tweester is nowhere to be seen, I'll be your host for this round.

The first match up we have is Minuette vs Sweetie Drops these two were friends of Lyra Heartstrings for the longest time, one in Canterlot, and one in Ponyville. But which one was better? You decide!

Pony Arena Game: Cavities Winner: Minuette

Next up we have two episodes that have arguably the best Pinkie Pie songs in them: Pinkie Pride and A Friend in Deed. But which one felt like the better episode in terms of songs and made you want to sing along? Cheese Sandwich and his zany antics, or Cranky Doodle Donkey and his straight man shtick?

Pony Arena Game: Welcoming Pride Winner: Pinkie Pride

Thirdly we have the two reptilian pets of the mane six: Gummy the alligator who is owned by Pinkie, or Tank the tortoise who is owned by Rainbow Dash. Pinkie may have lost to Rainbow Dash in the previous round, but can her pet beat out Dashie's, or will Tank follow in the hoofprints of his owner and slowly (I made a funny!) win the day?

(For those who don't get the name, Reptilia is a song by either The Killers or The Strokes. While it's not about reptiles, I still thought it would suit this.)

Pony Arena Game: Repitilia Winner: Gummy

Next up we have the short and song featuring the Comeback Queen... err... Princess and repentant Sunset Shimmer. She has a prominent role in both of these, but which felt more upbeat and made you want to root for Sunset more?

Pony Arena Game: Reformed, but Rejected My Past is Not Today

Here comes the battle of the century, two stallions who like to party. One is athletic and the other, extremely creative. Which was the better stallion from The Cutie Map?

Pony Arena Game: Our Town Part I Winner: Party Favor

Now we come to the two females of Our Town. Which one was more likeable and made you want to root for them more? And which felt like the type of mare you'd want to hang around?

Pony Arena Game: Our Town Part 2 Winner: Sugar Belle

Next up we have the two foals running for Class President in the episode Crusaders of the Lost Mark. Which one was more three dimensional and which made you want to vote for them?

Pony Arena Game: Election Day Winner: Pipsqueak

PS: Do not vote for Diamond Tiara just because you felt sorry for her. That's not the point of this poll. Pity votes are never a good thing. Vote for who you really think would make a better president.

Next up we have the two separate parallel worlds in G4, the human world and the Equine world of Equestria. Which one did you like better?

Pony Arena Game: Worlds Apart Winner: Equestria

Next we have the two villains of the first and third Equestria Girls films, Midnight Sparkle and Demon Sunset Shimmer. Which one was more frightening?

Pony Arena Game: Demonic Girls Winner: Demon Sunset Shimmer

Next, we have the two competing pairs of "sisters" (loosely) in Brotherhooves Social, Orchard Blossom and Apple Bloom vs Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. Which one did you root for?

Pony Arena Game: Brotherhooves Social Winner: Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo

Now we have three jocks which were met with mixed reception. Which jock was the best sport and was coolest?

Pony Arena Game: Jocks 'R Us Winner: Rainbow Dash

Next we have the three founding ponies who founded Equestria. Which leader did you find the most enjoyable?

Pony Arena Game: Founding Mothers Winner: Chancellor Puddinghead

And that does it for this round. I tried to get in as many ideas as I could and these rounds were suggested by:


Fruity Treeze

Elsa of Arandelle

Crimson "Valent" Azure


Voting ends Monday October 26th so get those votes in quickly!

Edit: Round is now over. Round XXVII coming soon!

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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