The first Pony Arena Game of the new year! But what's this? I thought these were usually numbered? Well, I've been talking it over with my buddy GuineaPig and I've decided to have this round. (the original idea was way too complicated not to mention unfair to the characters and episodes involved) Though my back aches, I'm toughing it out to at least bring you guys something. This time, it's a poll. The episode (in each season) and character with the most votes will return in Round 9B. The others will stay eliminated. Choose wisely, as this may be the only chance for an eliminated episode or character to return. So if your favourite episode and character was eliminated, now's the time to try and save them.

Thank you all for voting, the returnees are as follows

Returning from Season 1 is... Winter Wrap Up!

Returning from Season 2 is... MMMystery on the Friendship Express!

It was a close race, but... returning from Season 3 is... Wonderbolts Academy!

Returning from Season 4 is... Testing Testing 1, 2, 3!

Returning from Season 5 by one vote is... Scare Master!

Returning from Block A of characters is... Babs Seed!

Returning from Block B of characters is... King Sombra!

Whew... that was a long one. Hopefully you guys have fun. I'm off to relax until later. This round will probably go on for the rest of today and some of tomorrow before I end it. Have fun! And Happy New Year! (:D)

Thank you to everyone who voted and PAWG9B will start momentarily.

Pony Arena Game, by TheGuineaPig45, Fruity Treeze, Crimson "Valent" Azure, and Meester Tweester

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