Hi, I just came up with a new RP for this wiki. I've been planning it for a while, but only now came up with a title. This is Realms of Origin which is an RP that takes place before Season 6. It's during S5, so when that season comes out feel free to include material from that season in this RP. This is NOT the RP itself, it's just an explanation on the RP as well as the bio.


A year after the defeat of Tirek, all seems to be well in Equestria. Every 100 years, Princess Celestia goes to the gates of Tartarus to ensure that the gates are sealed. But a mysterious force has thrust open the gates of Tartarus and knocked out Cereberus releasing many evil creatures into Equestria. Celestia dispatches her royal guards and the mane 6 to find this mysterious force but are transformed into crystals representing the colours of their fur. Now Celestia chooses new heroes, ordinary citizens of Equestria and even contacts help from Gryphoenicis, the griffon kingdom for back up., You are one of these heroes (or maybe you'd like to serve the new villain). Welcome to Realm of Origins!

This RP will be done in a standard play script format, although if you want to you can use the regular story format.

Differences between the two:

Play script:

Celestia: ...and that is why I have summoned you here today.

Celestia glanced at the crystals.

Celestia: *hands over a crystal to Derek* Use it wisely. The fate of Equestria, nay the entire multiverse is in your hooves.

default story:

Celestia stood beside a large glass container. In the container were several coloured stones.

"...and that is why I have summoned you here today." Celestia finished.

Glancing at the crystals, Celestia took one in a hoof and handed it to Derek.

"Use it wisely. The fate of Equestria, nay the entire multiverse in is your hooves." Celestia said.

Sounds simple enough? Use whichever one you are comfortable with.

In this RP, you are given a choice between 5 species (more if you'd like to private message me and tell me who your character is). They are, unicorn, earth pony, griffon, pegasus, and if you'd like, alicorn. Each race, as you may have guessed, has it's own advantages and disadvantages. For example, Earth Ponies are masters of brute force ground combat and tanks with sacrifices to their speed, while pegasi are masters at aerial combat and are fragile speedsters. Alicorns are the "jack of all trades" class with their only weakness being strength, but being all around good fighters with somewhat decent durability. If you reach a certain shrine, you can power up your character (if they are not already powered up) to either gain a horn or wings for Earth Ponies without sacrificing your strength and defense. Griffons are a little more complicated. They seem like the best class, excelling in everything but magic, but are vulnerable to wind magic and arrows from archers like pegasi. Not to mention only a limited number of people can use griffons. Unicorns excel in magic and resistance to magical attacks and also make good healers. Some unicorns can also be "buffers" and cast spells on it like "Hurry" which increases speed, "Valor" which increases strength, and "Mentus" which increases magic.

Each stat comes in four different "stats". The stats aren't because this is an RPG, but based on how well your character preforms in that particular area. 

Excellent: Highest possible starting stat.

Above Average: Good, but not the best.

Average: Default stat. Alicorns will always be this in every stat except strength which is "below average".

Below Average: Lower than average stat. 

N/A: This stat doesn't currently exist for this character. (Only for magic used by non unicorns or alicorns.)

The stats are:

Strength: How strong is your character physically? Excellent for Earth ponies and griffons, average for everything else.

Magic: How potent is your characters magic? (If he/she has any) (Just make it N/A if you are anything but an alicorn or unicorn)

Defense: How strong is your characters defensive capabilities? Excellent for Earth Ponies, and griffons, below average for unicorns, and average for everything else.

Agility: How fast is your character? Excellent for pegasi and griffons, average for everything else.

Resistance: Your character's ability to withstand magic attacks. Excellent for unicorns, below average for earth ponies, average for everything else.

Current Elements: (more may be added if the demand is popular enough)

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Frost, Heart, Light, Shadow, Chaos

Here's how the application form goes.

Name: The name of your character. In my case, my character's name is Crimson Azure

Species: Either Pony or Griffon (or one of the special allowed species) Mine is a Pony.

Gender: Male or Female. (Sorry, no robots!) Male for me.

Race: Either Earth Pony, Griffon, Pegasus, Unicorn, or Alicorn. For me, I'm choosing Alicorn.

Age: (Optional) Pretty self explanatory. My age is 21.

Side: Good or Evil. Mine is good, obviously.

Weapon: What does your character use? You can use almost any weapon for your character, just be warned if you are not a unicorn or alicorn, the character will carry it in their mouths. My character uses a whip.

Stats: See the stats section above.

Strength: Average

Magic: Average

Speed: Average

Defense: Average

Resistance: Average

Description: Describe your character, and if possible, provide a picture of him/her. My character is a yellow alicorn (formerly a pegasus) with a long red mane and a short tail who was an old friend of Rainbow Dash with blue eyes. (Sometimes green)

Other: Put whatever else you want here. (Occupation, accessories, etc) I'm going to leave this blank. You can too if you'd like.

That's it! That's the basics of the RP, and how you sign up for it. Post your bios in the comments! I hope lots of people join and if you have any complaints, comments, feel free to post them in the comments and I'll do the best I can to address them. The RP may be posted tomorrow or the next day.

Have fun!