So recently. (Actually, it's been happening over a period of several months.) I've been getting these dizzy spells whenever I do any sort of physical activity (it's not always the cause, but it's the mosT prevalent cause). So I took a break from chat mainly to "heal". The problem is, these haven't been going away and have been getting worse. I didn't want to worry anyone on chat in case anyone cares about me (I'm sure you guys do) or create drama, so I didn't mention it when I did come on the past few times. While I haven't seen a doctor to confirm this, I'm pretty sure it's the start of diabetes meaning I can't eat anything sweet anymore or even slightly consume sugar if that's the case. But it might not be diabetes and I'm going to the doctor soon to get it checked.

With that out of the way, it's time to start up April's equivalent of "Rate the profile pic!". You should know the rules by now and if not, just rate the below person's profile pic on a scale of 1-10 (sorry Yoshida, looks like I beat you to it) and describe what you think of the picture in the same comment. The first person to comment gets to rate my picture, however if you'd like to talk about my situation, please do so in the comments as well.