While we wait on S5, I think it's time we looked back and experienced the journey together. For instance, I'm going to rank all the S2 episodes in terms of enjoyment. This was inspired by the Season 1 rankings.

Here goes.

1. Hurricane Fluttershy

2. A Canterlot Wedding

3. May the best Pet Win!

4. Lesson Zero

5. Luna Eclipsed

6. The Return of Harmony

7. Read it and Weep

8. Ponyville Confidential

9. The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

10. Hearth's Warming Eve

11. The Last Roundup

12. A friend in deed

13. Sweet and Elite

14. Sisterhooves Social

15. It's About Time

16. The Cutie Pox

17. MMMystery on the Friendship Express

18. Hearts and Hooves Day

19. Family Appreciation Day

20. Secret of My Excess

21. The Mysterious Mare Do Well

22. Dragon Quest

23. Putting your Hoof Down

24. Baby Cakes


6-10: Amazing

11-15: Good

16-20: Meh

21-24: Godawful

What are your Season 2 rankings.