Warning!!! Spoilers! Do not scroll down if you do not want to be spoiled! Press that there back button if you don't want to be spoiled. I'm serious!

My blog was made before I read the leaked synopsis of the episode and a nice picture was revealed. What are my thoughts on this episode? Well for one we get some more Rainbow Dash teaching young fillies, which I totally approve of. (I always imagined an episode where Dashie would be a Gym Teacher or something to young fillies) This looks like the "training montage" episode I was waiting for from the looks of it. The picture and synopsis show Rainbow Dash standing proud wearing the same baseball cap and red whistle with a conspicuous white dot on it from "May The Best Pet Win" and Hurricane Fluttershy. It looks like she's going to be coaching the young fillies to hold the flag of Ponyville (especially the Cutie Mark Crusaders) and because of this I was half-right, it's a Rainbow Dash/Scootaloo episode but it also features the other two Cutie Mark Crusaders which is a nice bonus. This episode is also going to probably feature a lot of blowing (no innuendo intended, I meant RD blowing that whistle of hers) and some cute expressions from Rainbow Dash and the CMC.

The episode will probably start with Scootaloo finding out that Rainbow Dash is going to train them for the Equestrian Games. After gushing about Dashie being the best coach ever and stuff. We'll cut to Rainbow Dash meeting up with the fillies, taking them through a couple of drills and blowing her whistle every few minutes. Scootaloo will work her hardest but still not get it right. After a motivational speech from Rainbow Dash, the fillies will take a break.

During the break, Scootaloo gets mocked by Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for her possible fruitless attempts at carrying the flag and possibly flying just like in the animatics. This will probably result in a chewing out by Coach Rainbow Dash and hopefully a nice prank on them as revenge. Scootaloo will probably run off somewhere and cry, wiping her tears away with her wings, until Rainbow Dash finds her. We'll probably get a heartwarming moment of Rainbow Dash giving Scoots a hug and a reminder that she's more than capable of carrying the flag. We may have a training montage of Rainbow Dash trying to help Scootaloo carry the flag and then the episode will end with Scootaloo getting her cutie mark in flag carrying or flight.

So those are my thoughts on Flight to the Finish. Definitely looking forward to this one, it's always great to see my favourite pony bonding with kids, especially young Scootaloo.

Also here's the picture I was talking about:


What are your thoughts on this episode and what did you think of my preview?