Since we only saw an excerpt of it, what do you all think the episode "Flight to the Finish" will be about?

I think it will probably be about Scootaloo finally learning how to fly, coached by Rainbow Dash herself. We'll probably get another training montage like Season 1's Call of Cutie and Hurricane Fluttershy as well as a possibility of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon finally realizing the error of their ways.

This episode will also feature the Wonderbolts (or just Spitfire) and possibly the academy again, as Rainbow Dash is a cadet at the academy. In addition, we'll meet Rainbow Dash's family or find out she's an orphan and her "dad" shown in the flashback was actually her uncle or guardian. Oh and Scootaloo will get her cutie mark.

We'll also get another flashback to Flight Camp about how Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy became friends, and maybe a Gilda appearance.

To sum it all up, I'm probably looking forward to this episode and Daring Don't the most. At least out of the revealed Season 4 episodes.