For those unaware, I'll give you a quick summary: today is 9/11 a tragic day in which many Americans lost their lives to a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

But for those who do know what 9/11 is, I extend great blessings to all Americans, especially those who live/lived in New York City, or anyone who knew victims of the incident. Even if you don't know anyone, this is a day of respect, a day which scared a lot of the western countries and broke our false sense of security, thinking the wars were over.

RIP to all victims. May you find a safe place in the afterlife. (salute)

As for me, I was only 7 when it happened, and I heard the news. While I don't live anywhere near the World Trade Centre, I still was very saddened, even if I didn't understand the events too well due to being a young child barely out of 1st Grade.