This is a story based on my dead RP that no one except GG wanted to join. If anyone wants their OC in the story or something, please ask.

Prolouge: The Future and Portals

Dark clouds covered the skies above Ponyville. Normally, this wasn't a day for rain, but the pegasi handling the weather were overworked trying to find the cause of the neverending stormclouds.

Rainbow Dash was looking outside of her window. She had invited Scootaloo to stay at her house with her guest, Crimson Azure. She had worked tirelessly in a feeble attempt to remove the clouds.

"When are these clouds going to let up? I want to see our friends!" Rainbow Dash grumbled.

Crimson was busy making dinner for the three of them. Out of the three, he was the best cook, though Rainbow was no slouch either. He was making a tasty hearty soup with oats and vegetables.

"Fluttershy taught me this recipe. She used to make it for Angel all the time. And the clouds will go away. Maybe a new evil being has come back?"

Crimson was a twenty two year old alicorn who wasn't born in Equestria. His exact birthplace was unknown, but his existence proved the existence of other worlds besides Equestria and the Gryphonian Kingdom.

Rainbow Dash had been dating him for approximately three years. They knew each other as foals, but Crimson was only adopted. He hadn't seen his real family in a very long time. He was given special shape shifting powers which he used often with Rainbow to play tricks on other ponies. He had a few other powers he hadn't figured out yet, but he was going to try and figure them out eventually.

"Rainbow Dash, I think you should stop staring out the window and come eat." Scootaloo said.

Rainbow Dash stretched her wings and walked over to the cloud table where she usually ate her meals. She normally ate at Twilight's or Sugarcube Corner, but Crimson had bought her a cloud table ordered from Cloudsdale. Rainbow had no idea how he had acquired the bits for it, but she didn't complain. The two were even thinking about marriage, something Rainbow hadn't thought of before she met Crimson.

Rainbow sat down in her comfy cloud chair in between Scootaloo and Crimson. Crimson placed the pot of soup on the table, and the three began to eat. Scootaloo talked about her recent exploits to get her cutie mark and Rainbow Dash was getting sick of hearing them. She kept telling her surrogate little sister that it would come eventually, but Scootaloo wouldn't listen. Crimson listed with interest though.

The next day, Crimson got up out of bed. Crimson and Scootaloo slept in the guest bedroom Rainbow had, even though she only used it when Fluttershy, Twilight, or Crimson slept over. As Crimson headed into the kitchen, he noticed Rainbow was already up and watching TV.

"Crimson! Thank Celestia you're up. Come watch this!" Rainbow called.

"...We bring to you this report in front of the castle." The news reporter said. "And now, Scootaloo will give us a report from the future."

Scootaloo, or what appeared to be a significantly older Scootaloo well into her 30s, took the microphone from the news reporter pony.

"Thank you. This is a message to the people of the past. I come from a future where ponies are non existent and a race of demons have taken over. This will come true if we don't find the source of these demons soon." Future Scootaloo gasped.

Scootaloo walked into the room and saw the report.

"S-She looks just like how I might look as a mare." Scootaloo put a hoof over her mouth in awe.

Rainbow Dash and Crimson Azure continued to watch the report which said more black clouds were coming, and heard a knock at the door.

"It's Twilight, Rainbow? Are you home?" Twilight Sparkle asked.

Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship who had become an alicorn two years ago when she had solved Starswirl the Bearded's spell conundrum was a great friend of both Rainbow Dash and Crimson Azure. She often invited the two over to her castle which was formerly a library to read the latest Daring Do book.

Rainbow Dash opened the door and Twilight stepped in.

"Did you see the news?" Twilight asked.

"Yeah. I think somepony found out how to control time magic." Rainbow Dash guessed.

"What an intriguing conclusion. I was thinking of the exact same thing." Crimson said.

"Yes, but that's not all that's happened. There's portals everywhere and they are sucking in ponies sending them to worlds unknown. We've got to do something about this." Twilight panted. She had obviously spent most of her energy running and flying.

"Can I come with you?" Scootaloo asked.

"Scootaloo, it's too dangerous. I'll take you to your clubhouse and you can-" Rainbow was cut off by Scootaloo.

"But if I don't come, you might be lost forever!" Scootaloo cried.

"I think she should come with us. It'll be good experience for her." Crimson told Dash.

"Okay, but stay out of trouble." Rainbow said and gave an affection rub to Scootaloo's head.

Rainbow Dash took off with Crimson right behind her. On Crimson's back was Scootaloo.

"You two will teach me how to fly soon, right?" Scootaloo had become like Crimson's sister just like she was Rainbow's.

"Yes, of course." Crimson replied.

The three landed outside of Sugarcube Corner where a portal was.

"I wonder where this leads?" Rainbow Dash inquired.

"Probably not a good idea to check." Crimson hastily said.

Pinkie Pie saw Rainbow and bounded up to see the group.

"What's everypony doing?" Pinkie Pien asked.

"We're examining this portal. Be careful, Pinkie!" Crimson told her.

"Ooh, can I check it too! Oooh!" Pinkie stuck a hoof in the portal.

"Pinkie! You can't do that! Stop it!" Rainbow Dash grabbed Pinkie's tail in her teeth and pulled her back, but was dragged into the portal with her.

"No..." Crimson fell to the ground. "Dashie's gone..."

"We should follow her!" Scootaloo chimed in.

"Y-Yes of course. But I want you to be on your best behaviour!" Crimson replied.

"You can count on me!" Scootaloo puffed her chest out and a halo appeared over her head.

The two entered the portal, unaware of what would be waiting inside.