Inspired by the Flash Sentry Saviors, I figured there's not enough people out there who like Angel Bunny. He, along with Rainbow Dash, got me interested in FiM. However, there are a few bronies who hate him because at times he can be a jerk to Fluttershy. He's not perfect, but he's still the cutest bunny I've ever seen (except Buster Baxter from Arthur and my little buddy James, but then again, who doesn't think that those kids are cute?). By any chance are there any Angel Bunny fans out there? If so, join the ABB and let's make Angel Bunny much more liked among the fanbase. No more disturbing artwork of Fluttershy abusing Angel. Just because he abuses Fluttershy every now and then, doesn't mean he should be abused, shunned or hated. I made this group/blog for people who actually like him. Join ABB or Angel Bunny Brigade today!

PS: No, this isn't a rip-off of the FSS, it's just an idea I've had to get more people to like Angel Bunny more.


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