Power and Candle inspired me to do my own take on the birthday game this time based on episode plots that take place during a season. Some of which are subplots (like the Butterfly migration from Dragon Quest). If you can figure out what episodes these plots are based off of, I'd give you a cookie, but I can't send food over the internet so a digital cookie will have to suffice.

Let's get right into it!

January: You and X help wrap up winter with Y messing things up.

February: X is your special somepony, while Y tries to break you two up.

March: X takes you to see the butterfly migration while Y is bored.

April: You invite X and Y over for a sleepover while they both argue.

May: You help X get a pet, while Y tries to get their cutie mark.

June: You and Y help X discover the joy of reading.

July: X acts as your coach while you train to help Y break the tornado record.

August: Y goes back in time to warn you about a future event that X caused.

September: You and Y have a race with X as the judge.

October: X is having a hard time adjusting to Halloween fun, but eventually does thanks to you and Y.

November: X gets assertiveness training from Y.

December: X and Y get their cutie marks switched.

X's: Based on the date of your birthday.

1: Spike 2: Princess Cadence 3: Princess Celestia 4.  Applejack 5. Scootaloo 6. Apple Bloom 7. Sweetie Belle 8. Rainbow Dash 9. Discord 10. Twilight Sparkle 11. Diamond Tiara 12. Silver Spoon 13. Rarity 14. Trixie 15. Derpy 16. Cheerilee 17. Big Mcintosh 18. Rarity 19. Princess Luna 20. Lyra 21. Bon Bon 22. Daring Do 23. Nurse Redheart 24. Dr. Whooves 25. Coco Pommel 26. Fluttershy 27. Cheese Sandwich 28. Ms. Harshwhinny 29. Mr and Mrs. Cake 30. Zecora 31. Me

Y's: Based on the year of your birthday

1970 (earlier): Spitfire

1980-88: Apple Bloom

1989-1996: Pinkie Pie

1997-2003:  Angel Bunny

2004-Present: Gilda