Warning: The following blog contains spoilers for the new episode. If you haven't watched it, go on Dailymotion and give it a watch right now. I'm not responsible if you clicked on this blog expecting not to see any spoilers and get spoiled anyway.

Major Spoilers ahead!

Okay, as of late I've been attempting to spoil this episode, but I honestly couldn't help it. This episode really made me see Rainbow Dash in a new light and made me understand a few things of my character. I know I'm no Digibrony or Tommy Oliver, but I'm going to do a quick analysis of this episode (and others) in a segment I like to call "The CA Files". This is where I examine a Season 4 episode and analyze the new facts we've learned about a character. With that said, let's take a look at Testing 1, 2, 3!

I came into this episode with really low expectations after being disappointed by Rainbow Falls portrayal of the Wonderbolts. And what did I think of this episode? It was pretty good. Probably better than most of the recent episodes, but at the same time, not my favourite.

I understand why Rainbow Dash was acting up and trying to annoy Twilight especially after being nagged to heck and beyond back in Rainbow Falls. I think she has ADD or perhaps Asperger's Syndrome due to her difficulty sitting still (a common trait in people with Asperger's Syndrome), her tendency to analyze everything as she flies, and her excellent memorization skills to memorize all that data for the test. This episode had a lot of funny moments in it like Rainbow Dash squeaking the chair ala Spongebob Squarepants. I expected Rainbow to end up cheating on the test, but really she didn't need to. She has a relate-able special skill and disorder that many people suffer from. I'm a little annoyed with AKR writing Rainbow Dash as stubborn similar to Fall Weather Friends, but she got Dash's emotional side down pat, at least I think so anyway.

So this episode, while not groundbreaking was a good watch and definitely an episode I'd like to watch again. I loved the Pinkie rap and the mock play with Angel and Opalesence roleplaying as Celestia and Luna. That was so cute! And as usual, Fluttershy is the most adorable little thing ever.