I don't claim to be a good writer but I wrote this back in January. It features my OC shipped with Rainbow Dash and Antimoney, a character who was made by a friend of mine. Well here it is.

Rainbow Dash stretched herself out on the chair she sat in. She was waiting for a certain pony in particular.

She was wearing a beautiful white dress with segments coloured in the colours of the rainbow. Her dress was made specifically for this date by Rarity, who seemed delighted to make the dress.

Rainbow Dash had become a lot more patient over the years and was willing to wait forever until he came.

"Lost in thought?" I asked.

Yes. I, Crimson Azure, was that pony she was waiting for. We had been dating recently and I was going to take her to the Wonderbolts derby in Canterlot.

My family was wealthy, when they were alive that is. Yes, I'm an orphan and not too proud of it. My closest living relative is my second cousin Wind Whistler. We haven't talked much especially since her parents had also died recently, but I was thinking of paying her a visit in Canterlot. I inherited my family's fortune and bought a nice mansion in Ponyville among other things. I wasn't a stuffy aristocrat though, I looked quite casual and only during special occasions did I dress up.

I heard the sound of two ponies talking and I looked around. The voices sounded like a mare talking to a stallion.

Some twenty feet away, Big Macintosh was with a beautiful white unicorn with magenta eyes in a pretty black dress.

I had heard from Applejack that Big Macintosh was dating an aspiring scientist named Antimony who had come from Canterlot. Big Macintosh wasn't really the social type, but it appears they met at an event and seemed to hit it off.

Rainbow Dash interrupted my thoughts by  messing with my mane. I gave her a mock glare and she snickered.

She could be so adorable sometimes!

Anyway, Rainbow Dash obviously wanted us to get going to the derby, so we put on our saddlebags carrying with us the items we would be bringing, including a poster Rainbow Dash wanted Spitfire to autograph.

"Why didn't you get that autographed when you were at the academy?" I asked.

"I was too busy training. Besides, I see Spitfire regularly now, and I thought now would be a better time than ever to get her autograph." Rainbow Dash stated.

Spitfire was the captain of the Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash's idol. On duty, she was quite strict but reasonable and more than willing to put ruthless ponies in their place. I had only met her once at a party I attended. She was talking with her current boyfriend, Soarin about the upcoming derby and gave me two VIP seat tickets.

Soarin was often considered the "hunk" of the Wonderbolts by many fangirls and one of Equestria's eligible bachelors. I myself had quite an admiration for him. Especially since I actually went to school with him. He was a little older than Dash and I, but we became fast friends.

He doesn't seem to remember me though. I guess being a Wonderbolt made his schedule really busy and he couldn't do much. That, and Spitfire had often scheduled training sessions whenever the Wonderbolts weren't busy.

"Hello? Equestria to Crimson! How long do you plan on waiting?" Rainbow Dash asked.

Once again I drifted off into deep thought and completely forgot about the derby. Without further ado, I took Rainbow Dash by the hoof and we headed to the train station.

I paid the bits to the mare at the ticket office and she handed us our train tickets, which we placed in our saddlebags.

We walked up to the train and handed the tickets to the conductor who instructed us to board the train and even told us the vacant seats on the train.

We boarded the train and were off to Canterlot.

The train ride was very serene, Rainbow Dash was reading her book and I was looking out the window at the sights we passed by.

Soon, we arrived in Canterlot and disembarked from the train.

There was a large crowd of ponies in the area, making it difficult to find the stadium. Rainbow Dash flew on ahead and came back with directions to the stadium.

We entered the stadium and took our seats. The whistle blew, the checkered flag went down, and the Wonderbolts took off. Many of the nobles had bet that Fleetfoot would win this year, but Spitfire wasnt doing half bad herself.

The two seemed to be neck and neck with Soarin coming up from behind. He was near the back before and everypony wondered if he could make a comeback.

Sure enough, he did. He zipped past the finish line with Spitfire right on his hooves. That was one heck of a comeback.

After the derby, Spitfire and Soarin were in the lobby signing autographs. Rainbow Dash got in line and got her poster signed by Spitfire causing her to nearly have a panic attack. We headed straight for the nearest restaurant, a pub that was filled with jubilant throngs of ponies. The waiter pony gave us our seat and we ordered our food.

"How did you like the Derby?" I asked my fillyfriend.

"It was great! Soarin zipped right in front of Spitfire and Fleetfoot! It was like he had a second wind." Rainbow Dash said.

"I'm glad you're having fun. When we're done here, would you care to stay the night in a suite?" I asked.

"Sure!" Rainbow Dash responded with glee.

Our food came not much later and we ate.

After we were finished, we checked out the suite and entered it, admiring how pristine and clean everything looked.

We took off our fancy clothing and  got into the large jacuzzi together. Rainbow Dash kicked up her hooves and relaxed as she stared into my eyes. Her magenta eyes sparkled with amusement as I tried to hide my blush.

After we were finished in the jacuzzi, we relaxed on the two beds we were given. Rainbow Dash laid down on her bed and continued from where she left off in her Daring Do book while I read a fantasy novel.

We played a video game together with the gaming console that was in the suite and watched TV together.

This day was perfect for me. I couldn't have asked for any other pony to be with.

Sorry it was short, but you can see more of my fanfics on deviantart under klavicegavin. I might post a few more here later.