Basically the goal of this game is to make extremely silly Google translate errors or Engrish.

You can translate the comments of a below user using Google Translate. Start by putting the statement in Google Translate and then switching to chinese, then japanese, then back to english and copy and paste the hilarious results here.

For example.


Rainbow Dash is the most gorgeous pony and also my waifu. She's fast, brave, and very clever

Becomes this:

Rainbow Dash is the most gorgeous Colt is my waifu. She, fast, brave, and very smart..

Have fun.

I'll start by posting a statement and the first user must use this to mutilate the above user's statement.

Other languages that work well for hilarity include Yiddish, Russian and Spanish.

I'll start with this statement.

Is Episodic Pony War coming up real soon. I can't wait for Meester Tweester to post it so I can vote for Flight to the Finish and Hurricane Fluttershy.