This is a written review about Hurricane Fluttershy. This is going to be extra lengthy in the style of a Let's Play or Let's Watch, and just a word of warning, there IS spoilers for the episode here, so if you haven't seen it, click that back button on your browser right now, buddy. Warning: I use the word "anyway" a lot.

What's there to say about this episode? Well it's unbelieveably, undeniably awesome! No really, this episode is brilliant. It shows a pony struggling with her own inauthenticity while managing to keep a smile on my face the whole way through. I even shed a few manly tears at one point.

Where do I start? Well, it all starts in the beginning where Rainbow Dash (who happens to be my favourite pony) is handing out fliers to ponies. We notice one of the fliers fall onto Fluttershy who takes a quick glance at it and runs off. Then we cut to the meeting Dashie scheduled. Here, we can see many ponies all of them which are pegasi. Rainbow notices Fluttershy isn't present and goes off to find her hiding in a tree. Nice callback to Over a Barrel there, DHX. Anyway, an old 40s style movie plays on a projector about the water being sent to Cloudsdale. I wonder, do they even have TV in Equestria and if so, is it all like that projector?

Let's carry on. So after the movie gets fried by Spike (Intermission indeed), Rainbow Dash gives a basic rundown of the pegasi's job to get the water to Cloudsdale. She mentions that Fillydelphia was able to get a wingspeed of 800 wingpower. But then she says that she thinks Ponyville can do better. So we get a glance of this muscular pegasus who, as of Rainbow Falls, is named Bulk Biceps and his catchphrase is "YEAH!" The other pegasi seem more than enthusiastic at getting the water to Cloudsdale. I guess it's because a pegasus is a natural born athlete much like the earth ponies.

We cut to tomorrow where the pegasi are busy practicing. Rainbow Dash walks by each pegasus now wearing a cap and whistle which she wore in May the Best Pet Win! We have Flitter stretching her glutes, Cloudchaser showing off some nice flexibility, and Blossomforth doing... I don't know! Thunderlane's trotting fast, this pegasus named Silverspeed is going at a steady pace (notice Derpy?) and Rainbow Dash stops the training for a brief moment by blowing her whistle (she does that a lot in this episode) to give some steady words of encouragement, noticing Fluttershy is once again absent.

Rainbow Dash, looking rather annoyed, starts banging on Fluttershy and the door opens to reveal Fluttershy covered in dots. Rainbow inquires with Fluttershy asking exactly what happened to which Fluttershy replies "I have the pony pox." Naturally, Dashie doesn't buy it and she's right. Rainbow then "cures" her with cold water. You know, this would be kind of funny if it turned out Fluttershy really was sick with pony pox, but meh. Anyway, Fluttershy attempts to bluff having her wing broken but of course Rainbow doesn't buy it. She puts a hoof around Fluttershy's back and demands to know what's wrong. Fluttershy talks about how she was bullied at flight camp, which cuts to a teacher pushing Fluttershy (who we can clearly see can't fly) off a cloud with Rainbow Dash watching in horror. After some students start making fun of Fluttershy, we flash back to the present. Rainbow Dash just about flips out but restrains herself when she realizes that Fluttershy is really sensitive. She then reminds Fluttershy of just how important their duty is. "Confidence or no confidence, I'm gonna need every pegasus to break the record including you. I need every ounce of wing power I can get." Fluttershy refuses and Dashie flies off, looking dejected. Before Rainbow can leave, Fluttershy calls her back saying she'll do it. Now this scene has been made fun of so many times I can't even count on my fingers the amount of times this scene has been mocked. It could very well be a subtle ship tease at Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash judging by Rainbow Dash's sudden burst of enthusiasm and Fluttershy's smile. So anyway, here's what happens: Rainbow flies up to Fluttershy, puts her face right in Fluttershy's and says "You're game?". After this, Rainbow then grabs Fluttershy, flies up into the air and holds her up high in triumph. Now I personally loved this scene and felt it showed a lot of Rainbow's development throughout Season 1 being more accepting of others, particularly Fluttershy who she could hardly stand in Dragonshy, but I owe that more to bad writing on Meghan McCarthy's part. Hmph!

Anyway, we cut to the training track where Cloudchaser and Flitter are confused as to what an anemometer is. I can't blame them. I didn't even know what one was until this episode. An anonymous pegasus coughs and Twilight thinks it's Thunderlane. Wait, when did Twilight and Spike get involved with this episode. See, it's little details like that which really make me appreciate this episode even more. They didn't have to include Spike or Twilight Sparkle in this episode but they went the extra mile and did. Thunderlane says the pegasus who coughed was Blossomforth and Rainbow Dash doesn't buy it. Thunderlane zips through the anemometer and gets 9.3 wing power. Everyone exclaims at how fast that is and Rainbow Dash thinks it's not bad. She then gets herself prepared to show off her talents. What always made me wonder about this scene is how Rainbow's hat and whistle fall off in this scene yet are on her in the later scenes after that. Huh... Anyway, Rainbow mentions that if the pegasi can get up to 10.0 wing power, they'll set a new record.

A scene later, Rainbow Dash blows the whistle and it's Fluttershy's turn. She flies through extremely slowly and meekly and we see Flitter and Cloudchaser laughing. Whether they're laughing at Fluttershy or at something else, I can't tell and frankly, I would assume people would be angry with them for doing so. But Flitter and Cloudchaser remain extremely popular characters in the fandom. Rainbow Dash and Twilight argue over who should tell Fluttershy culminating in Rainbow Dash herself, struggling not to hurt Fluttershy's feelings, telling her she measured .5. This is what I like to see in episodes Rainbow Dash is featured in, a nice show of compassion and understanding for other ponies. Spike, being the insensitive jerk he is mentions that .5 is less than one. Gee, you think? You didn't have to rub it in and make the poor girl c-yep here it comes. Poor Fluttershy runs off crying, Rainbow struggling to get Fluttershy to come back but Fluttershy ignores her and keeps running. Rainbow Dash's frustration and sadness reflecting that of a dejected mate who lost her-yeah I'll stop.

Next scene is perhaps the saddest scene in the episode. We have poor Fluttershy squeaking and crying her little eyes out and we have Angel Bunny, who, in a few episodes ago, was hitting Fluttershy like a spoiled child. Now if there's one thing I'm sick of, it's Angel haters. People who draw disturbing fanart of Angel just because he mistreated her a couple of times. I'm also one of those people who sees Angel as an adult and not a child. Why else would he not like being told to eat slowly in a cute widdle voice wike dis? Anyway, Angel brushes her hair and the other animals remind her she's saved them on numerous times and it's their turn to help her. This character development for Angel was very much needed and it made a few, not a lot though, a few people start to like him a bit.

Then we cut to a training montage scene where we have Fluttershy getting herself ready to fly. Angel blows a whistle and-wait wait wait! Did Angel steal that whistle and hat from Rainbow Dash. And if so, did he somehow shrink it? Oh well, it's a minor complaint. But he looks so adorable with that little whistle and cap almost like a mini Rainbow Dash. D'awww.... Anyway, Fluttershy participates in some wing ups and tug of war with a butterflies struggling with both events. Notice the pony masks that the animals wear? How exactly do you get animal sized pony masks? I want some! We cut to Angel getting Fluttershy ready to fly again and when he blows the whistle, his hat almost crushes him. I felt sorry for the little guy wondering how exactly did he survive getting what I would assume is a 5 pound hat dropped on him. Somehow, he survives and stares up at Fluttershy in awe. Fluttershy flies through some dandelions, again with the pony masks, but this time she seems to be doing better at wing ups and flying altogether. She even manages to suck a tear back in her eye and beat butterflies in tug of war! Now that is awesome! We get a cute Fluttershy blushing scene and then we cut back to the race track where-wait a minute! Rainbow Dash is wearing her whistle and cap! How did that happen if Angel took it from-whatever. That's the last time I'll address that. Anyway, Fluttershy shows up with her animals beside her in an epic way similar to the scene in the movie Rocky where Rocky runs up some stairs during a training montage. Fluttershy tries again but alas, she didn't improve by very much. Fluttershy's right! There has to be some mistake! Rainbow tells her it doesn't matter how fast she flies and Fluttershy angrily replies how would Dashie feel if she was only flying with 2.5 wing power. Then we get Spike putting his foot in his mouth and saying "Actually it was only 2.3." Way to go Spike. I don't know what happened, but you were kinda mean in this episode. Fluttershy runs off again and Rainbow Dash laments not being able to lift Fluttershy out of the dumps.

Spitfire shows up! Great! Maybe she can help or maybe she'll just-yep I knew it! Spitfire doesn't help one bit. Even when things get rough, she doesn't step in to help or anything. What gives, Miss Spitfire? Anyway, Rainbow's about to start the tornado when... oh no! Thunderlane and seven other pegasi (probably Blossomforth too) are all sick with the feather flu. Exactly what is the feather flu anyway and how do you catch it? Never mind... Rainbow Dash is exasperated at the very thought of not being able to break the record, but that's not the worst part. It turns out they might not have enough wingpower to create a tornado to lift the water to Cloudsdale at all! Rather than giving up, Rainbow Dash gives a rousing speech and the pegasi take off. Fluttershy shows up and she watches as Rainbow Dash flies right into a tree giving it eyes. Well at least somebody got to be a tree, right?

Anyway, Rainbow gives another rousing speech and gets the pegasi flying again. This time they are able to reach 795 wing power. Twilight tells Fluttershy they need her up there to which Fluttershy replies "I won't make a difference!" Twilight tells Fluttershy to "do it for Rainbow Dash" another subtle ship tease between the two mares. Fluttershy gathers her courage and flies into the tornado. They manage to get the water to Cloudsdale with Spitfire looking completely shocked.

Spitfire congratulates Rainbow Dash who cedes the praise over to her best flyer, Fluttershy. Awww... looks like everything had a happy ending after all.

So that was Hurricane Fluttershy, and what an episode it was! In my opinion, this is the best episode of the series. It hits all the criteria of a good MLP episode and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's the best episode to feature both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy and the best episode of Season 2. It's also one of the few episodes I would even consider giving a perfect 10. I can literally find no flaws with this episode. It's that good.

100/10! I can't do that? But I want to... *whimper* Oh fine, 10/10

Whew, that was a lot of typing. I don't think I've typed that much even for an essay. Either way, this episode deserves a good thorough review and since Digibrony won't do one it falls on me to accomplish this.

I hope you all enjoyed, and see you sometime later for another review.