When I signed up to be a moderator back in May, I didn't expect there to be half as much drama as there has been going on these past few weeks. We've lost a moderator in Thundermare and I feel times are changing but not to how I imagined them.

Basically, I banned someone who was disrupting chat. They started by harassing M D N S about coming to their house, since they knew each other in real life. M D N S didn't want them to come over at that time, but they didn't stop there. Unfortunately, an admin didn't see it that way and thus I give you this compilation of logs I have scrounged from the log page.

<Jsflaherty> hey mdns what does your name even mean lol probably somethng stupid though

<Jsflaherty> lol mdns is so mad

<Jsflaherty> idiot

<Jsflaherty> stupid creatine idiot lover lol

The insults continued and it even went into mini-modding.

<Jsflaherty> shut up mdns stop swearing

<Jsflaherty> dude

Then proceeded to censor the "swear" which wasn't even a swear as an unfunny joke.

<Jsflaherty> "t**ked!*

Another insult...

<Jsflaherty> e-begger!

And then when a moderator asked them politely to stop...

<Bronymon> they were literally calling him an idiot earlier too

<Jsflaherty> but he is lol..

<TheCountess16> no he is not

<Jsflaherty> wanna bet

<Jsflaherty> oh look the kiddies back! (talking about MDNS)

If you think these logs are taken out of context, think again. Because I've read the whole log and most of this came almost on the same hour.

Then... this is where it really gets good. He started to impersonate a mod.

<Jsflaherty> I'm a secret mod I CAME to INVESTIGATE.

<Jsflaherty> Things aren't all right around here.

<Jsflaherty> Steampunk (The Secret Admin) I have a report for you.

<Jsflaherty> Uhhh yeah he is lol

These would be hilarious if not for everything else he did.

Then he threatened to ban M D N S with his newfound "power".

<Jsflaherty> Anyways, M D N S, you're gonna be banned.

<Jsflaherty> I've been a secret mod for years.

<Jsflaherty> Looking around for signs of the rebellion

If he really WAS a "secret mod" then he wouldn't take a joke this far and actually show some evidence that he was.

<Jsflaherty> alright lol mdsn where were we idiot

<Jsflaherty> madness do the idiot dance for you are one LOL

More insults...

<M_D_N_S> I'm not one.

<Jsflaherty> yes u are lol

<Jsflaherty> prove it

<Princess_Iris> Could you guys seriously stop?

<SteampunkGrandmas> say you wanna join

<Princess_Iris> and leave Madden alone

Another warning...

Then he proceeded to talk about his father, which I could have forgiven if not for the last bit.

<Dwarfbaby> That's so sad :'(

<M_D_N_S> I'm sorry to hear.

<M_D_N_S> What's his name?

<Jsflaherty> Doofus like you are

More mod impersonation and implied insults...

<Jsflaherty> *sigh* why am i the only normal one here

<Jsflaherty> I'm a secret mod.

Then he gets into talking about User:Dwarfbaby 's aunt and how terminally ill she was. Not funny.

For all these reasons, I think my ban was pretty fair, don't you?

(Seriously give the logs a good read, I'm only highlighting a little of what he says.)

With that said, I'm just sick of the drama. Discuss below.