Welcome dear reader to my personal list of the top eleven cutest MLP characters. We've seen my top 3 or 4 (though it's changed over the years) but I figured why not make an actual list of characters who were adorable and I wanted to root for. Why Top 11? Because dang it, I wanna copy the Nostalgia Critic just this once. So, sit back and squee at the top eleven cutest MLP characters. (Not counting babies, because they might end up taking half the list and I do not like Flurry Heart that much)

Number 11

Rainbow Dash

Yeah yeah, I know, I'm a Rainbow Dash fan so this is a little biased and cheating putting her on the list, but she does have some legitimately cute moments, especially when we get to see her more tender side in Tanks for the Memories, and even some moments in Flight to the Finish (sweet Celestia did she channel Pinkie Pie in that episode) and Trade Ya where she and Fluttershy (who's also on this list, not going to spoil where, though if you checked the list, you probably already know) made an extremely cute face when begging to trade their stuff so Rainbow Dash could get her limited edition Daring Do book. Plus the way she squeals at hanging with the Wonderbolts, the almost glomp she gives to Fluttershy after Fluttershy agrees to help her in Hurricane Fluttershy and other moments makes her an easy candidate for this list. Sadly couldn't put her any higher because to get to that soft cutesy side, it takes some digging.

And for number 10 (Sorry PhantomStrider fans, I couldn't resist)

Angel Bunny

This rabbit I have mixed feelings about. While a lot of people hate him, I still find him irresistibly cute. Whether it's helping Fluttershy when she's down, being a fussy eater, or teasing Spike, this guy's got all the cute characteristics. He's lower because his personality can deter some people off of him, but I think he's meant to be an assertive foil to Fluttershy so she can stand up for herself similar to Habbit from G1. He's my favourite pet and I've defended him constantly, even when I've been thinking of putting other pets higher than him. Plus Gummy's a little overrated in my honest opinion.

Number 9 is...

Starlight Glimmer

Yeah, I've talked badly about her in the past, but I still can't deny how cute she can be at times. She's pretty much Vanilla Twilight in my eyes, but still retains Twilight's cute moments, be it some moments interacting with Trixie, having some cute facial expressions, going off on her own, her enthusiasm about learning about Hearth's Warming Eve, and being one of those characters that you can't help but feel was meant to be cute, even though her design is kinda weird.

Number 8 is...


Oh man, this is easily the cutest male character and for good reasons. He's a "baby?" (baby is in parenthesis as it's clear he's aged since he hatched and looks to be a young teenager at least or the same age as the Cutie Mark Crusaders) dragon and the helper or assistant of Twilight Sparkle. I put him fairly low on the list because I find female characters generally more cute than male characters, even if I can find a few guys cute (I'm looking at you, Link from the Legend of Zelda and Sora/Roxas/Ventus from Kingdom Hearts). Spike is one of those characters that when even he's being a little bit condescending or rude he's still cute. I liked seeing Spike with a mustache in Owl's Well that Ends Well and really felt for the guy when he was seemingly being ignored in favour of Owlowiscious. He's got an adorable crush on Rarity, and has all the heart and soul of a good younger male character without being annoying. (Similar to Steven from Steven Universe, and thankfully the complete opposite of Johnny Test)

Coming in at number 7 we have...

Diamond Tiara

Probably the most surprising example of a cute character. Diamond Tiara started off as easily one of the most hateable scrappies of the MLP franchise. But then we get to her reason for it and that aside from Silver Spoon, she has no friends. She's made some pretty cute faces (bump bump sugar lump rump still gets me squeeing when I see it) and her interactions with the CMC especially when they've befriended her are rather adorable. I could have put Derpy, Trixie, or Babs here instead, but I feel the genuine kindness and smiles that Diamond Tiara shows when redeemed are enough for her to be on this list.

Number 6 is...

Twilight Sparkle

She's every guy's dream of the adorkable studying girl and it's no wonder Flash Sentry falls for her. Her studying methods, her interactions with her friends, her smile, her ability to go off on tangents about nerdy topics, her interactions with her brother and that adorable Sunshine shake with Cadance... yeah this young mare's got it all. Even in Equestria Girls I find her adorable trying to fit in with everyone, eating and dancing like a horse despite now being a human teenage girl. Then in Twilight Time we have her eating hayburgers just the way I eat food. I can totally relate to Twilight as I am kind of a formerly friendless geek who likes similar topics to Twilight especially literature, and many others can too. She looks gorgeous as a princess in a dress, and I hope to see Twilight get even more cute as time goes on.

Here comes the top five. You can probably guess what number 1 is, but can you guess the other four? Will your favourite character make this list? Who knows!

Number 5 is...

Princess Mi Amore Cadenza Aka: Princess Cadance

As the princess of love and Shining Armor's loving wife with plenty of cute moments with her sister-in-law, how could I not put her on this list? She's that bombshell girl every young geek wishes to go to prom with but are too shy to ask out. I loved Cadance in the IDW comics fleshing out her backstory and showing her and Shining Armor in high school with Wonderbolts Soarin and Spitfire (though given Soarin and Spitfire come from Cloudsdale, I think this might get jossed by the two attending a different school). Her interactions with Twilight Sparkle and others show just how compassionate she is. She has cute lovey-dovey moments with Shining and has plenty of good spirits even when she's trapped in a cave alone.

Number 4 is... (We have a tie)

Princess Luna and Apple Bloom

Luna's one of those princesses that even when I don't want her to be amazing, she shows off and shines brightly like the moon. What she has over Cadance is her cute moments in trying to get used to modern Equestria having been trapped in the moon for over 1000 years. And the artwork of young Luna (aka: Woona) is just some of the most cutest things I have ever seen.

As for Apple Bloom, I found her underdog story cute from the start. A young filly finds two friends and gets the biggest smile ever. Be it doing things with sass (as Scootaloo puts it), trying to be her sister, or doing a dance with a map, Apple Bloom is one cute filly who is very similar to Blossom from Power Puff Girls even having a red bow in her hair. She and Applejack in the end were the saving grace of Somepony to Watch Over Me. While not my favourite crusader, Apple Bloom has some really cute moments which have her in easy competition with her sister in cuteness and likeability.

For number three we have...


Scootaloo is essentially Rainbow Dash only much younger and flightless. She's got all of Rainbow Dash's cute charm, along with some trials of her own what with being flightless and all. She's even got "trying to be cool, but just needs to be hugged" little sister vibes from her and in Sleepless in Ponyville one of the most heartwarming moments in the series was her and Rainbow Dash accepting each other as sisters despite not being related along with Rainbow Dash telling Scootaloo that she doesn't need to fly to be awesome. I loved their sister dynamic in Brotherhooves Social and though I kind of wanted Big Mac and Apple Bloom to win, Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash winning was amazing not to mention cute when they got carried away by the cheering crowd after winning.

For number two we have...

Sweetie Belle

You knew she was going to be on this list and you knew she'd be high. Her interactions with her sister, be it trying to avoid being in her sister's shadow, or saying "Why does life have to be so ironic!", or tender tears in reaction to Babs Seed's bullying, there isn't a moment where this young girl isn't cute. Claire Colette does a fantastic job at making Sweetie sound like that cute little sister everyone wants to have. The voice cracks and the squeals are tres chic, and For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils. Sweetie Belle reminds me of all my female ferrets I've had in life with all the energy, smiles, and voice cracks of one of the cutest characters of all time.

And before we get to number one I'd like to list a few Honourable Mentions.

Big Macintosh, (loved his interactions with Apple Bloom) Snails (ugly to look at, cute personality), Trixie, Celestia, Applejack, Silver Spoon, Babs Seed, Gilda, Tank (would have been in Angel's spot if not for later episodes after PYHD making him likeable), Pinkie Pie (consider her number 12, would have put her on the list instead of Diamond Tiara if not for her bouts of insensitivity, and some moments where she's more annoying than cute)

And the number one, most adorable, cutest character is... Say it with me...!


That's right. Fluttershy wins the gold today. Every time this mare is on screen it makes me want to pet a happy puppy or kitten. As said with Sweetie there isn't a moment where Fluttershy isn't doing something cute on screen, and the reason she's above Sweetie is more personal preference than anything else. From her sheltered life in Cloudsdale where she was bullied as a filly for being unable to fly as well as the others, to moments where she's singing, modeling, and even making cute faces, this mare will give you cuteness overload. Andrea Libman does a fantastic job at making Fluttershy seem as innocent, as quiet, and as shy as possible. I love every moment she's on screen, and even moments where she's angry or cruel (see Return of Harmony and Putting Your Hoof Down) I still want to root for her. She's my second favourite pony for a reason, and she deserves that spot. And with the squeals just like Sweetie Belle, the whimpers, her love and affinity with animals, and her introverted personality, I connected with her on day one and were it not for Rainbow Dash, she would be my all time favourite character. But she rightfully deserves her spot as the number one cutest MLP character of all time. (In my opinion)

Do you agree with this list? What ponies do you think are the cutest? Did your favourite pony make the list? What are your top ten or eleven cutest ponies? Let me know in the comments and happy 2017!