Cheese: Welcome all to the newly built Ponyville Stadium! This is WWP, which isn't an acronym by the way, but who's counting? I am Cheese Sandwich, the announcer of today's match between two mares.

Rainbow: Hurry it up, Cheese. I wanna see them fight!

Cheese: Alright, Rainbow Dash. Today's fight features the cowgirl from Sweet Apple Acres Applejack vs the Super Duper Party Pony and my sidekick-

Pinkie Pie: Hey! I'm YOUR sidekick?

Cheese: Sorry, Pinkie. But anyway, The Super Duper Party Pink Pony from Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie.

Apple Bloom: Go AJ!

Big Mcintosh: I hope I get to fight in the ring someday.

Cut to the fighters in the ring. Applejack is readying buckets of apples and Pinkie Pie is inflating all her balloons to use as weapons.

Rainbow Dash walks up to the center of the ring, somehow magically wearing a referee uniform and her favourite whistle she wore as a coach. She was chosen by Cheese to be the referee as she was likely to have a good understanding of the rules and be a fair and impartial judge.

Scootaloo was here too so she could watch her sister ref as she was voted by Ponyville to be the referee of a future match between Spitfire and Rainbow Dash. She was eyeing her adopted big sister with interest.

Rainbow Dash: Now, I want a nice clean fight. Anything goes, but any brutal injuries and I will deal with you personally. Good luck, Pinkie and AJ.

Cheese Sandwich: Now that the two combatants are ready, they will fight at the sound of the whistle.

Since Ponyville couldn't afford a bell as the stadium was built entirely on funds from Filthy Rich, each referee had a whistle to use to signal the start of a particular fight. And Rainbow Dash stood in the center and raised her hoofs. She then blew her whistle. At the shrill sound of the whistle, Applejack pulled her rope out and made a lasso.

Applejack: I hope y'all aren't thinkin' ah'll be goin' easy on you on account of you being a friend, Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie: Bring it, Applejack!

Pinkie Pie quickly made a whip out of her balloons and knocked Applejack's lasso out of her mouth.

Applejack: What in tarnation! Did you learn that from Party Favor?

Pinkie Pie jumped and uppercut Applejack with a balloon-glove she made on her hoof.

Applejack: I ain't givin' up that easy.

Cheese Sandwich: Applejack appears to be using her apples as ammunition for a cannon she built using some blueprints from Big Mcintosh. 

Applejack is shown placing the apples into the cannon and aiming them at Pinkie. Pinkie Pie created a saber out of her balloons and charged at Applejack with several balloon soldiers.

Applejack: Didn't know ya could do that.

Applejack's cannon was destroyed.

Big Mcintosh: Applejack, did you follow the blueprints to their exact intricate detail?

Applejack: Nope. And yer startin' t' sound like Rarity.

Applejack lassoed a balloon soldier and used her lasso to sweep Pinkie off her hooves.

Cheese Sandwich: Pinkie Pie has been swept off her hooves by some quick clever thinking on Applejack's part.

Pinkie: Gummy, get her!

Gummy dropped out of Pinkie's mane and launched himself onto Applejack, knocking her hat off.

Cheese Sandwich: Pinkie is now firing mass amounts of her party cannons to knock Applejack lopsided.

Pinkie Pie is shown aiming several party cannons at Applejack and firing them to knock her around with confetti and balloons.

Spike: Is that even legal?

Rainbow Dash pulls out a rulebook and nods.

Rainbow: It doesn't say anything about balloon soldiers being against the rules, nor does it say anything about using pets as aids.

Applejack: Come on Winona!

Applejack whistled and Winona appeared at her side and knocked Gummy away from Applejack.

Pinkie Pie: Gummy! Applejack, you Pinkie Promised to fight cleanly!

Pinkie Pie made a giant party cannon out of balloons and aimed it at Applejack.

Applejack: Oh horseapples...

Cheese Sandwich: Pinkie is planning on finishing this fight for good.

The cannons fired and Applejack was knocked out.

Rainbow: TKO! The winner is Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie: We did it, Gummy! 

Pinkie Pie gave her pet alligator a big hug and hugged Applejack.

Rainbow Dash: You both fought amazingly!

Pinkie Pie: Thank you, Dashie. But we promised the loser was buying the winner hayburgers.

Applejack: While ah can't get you hayburgers, since you said you were on a diet, ah'll give you all the apple treats you want and some cider too, even though it isn't cider season.

Rainbow Dash: Can I have some cider too?!

Applejack: Of course. You are welcome too, Cheese.

Cheese Sandwich: Thanks for the offer, I'll throw us the best party ever with Pinkie's help of course.

All: *laughs*

Applejack looks at Big Mac S5E17

The Loser

AiP PinkiePie1

The Winner