In a complete reversal of Yoshida's blog, which was related to my previous blog and I believe this one was also one of my previous blogs. This is for all those things people dislike but you really like or heck, even don't mind.

Here's a few of mine:

The Lorax: Yes, I do mean the movie. I haven't seen anyone here like this movie. Sure it's not as clever as the original Dr. Seuss cartoon, but I think the songs are catchy, it's a lot of fun, and there's quite a bit of humour in it. Like how Zak Effron voices a 12 year old boy, or that awesome song "How bad can I be?" This movie wasn't perfect, but it wasn't as bad as say, The Cat in the Hat.

Final Fantasy XIII: I don't know very many people who praise this game, let alone don't dislike it. Everyone complains about how linear the game is, how the game is automated (not really, there is some skill involved), and how the characters are cliche and overdone. I disagree with all of these points. Who says being linear is a bad thing? And the characters I feel are more well developed than most Final Fantasy games which just have a basic backstory and some additional info. The game isn't automated as it is very easy to die in the game if you don't input corrrect combinations of the paradigms. It's a very complex system, but an excellent game. Probably one of my favourite Final Fantasy games.

Shining Armour: Everyone says he's bland, cliche, and boring, but I disagree. I feel he's not the most well developed character in the series, but he does get a lot of character development in the comics, which, although are not canon, could very well be similar to what he's really like. He's a great brother for Twilight and one of the non CMC mane family members that I really like.

What are some things everyone else hates or dislikes but you like?