I've asked this question a few times on the chat but have never really gotten a straight answer from anyone. The question is: Why does Angel Bunny receive so much dislike especially on this wiki.

Sure he can be a jerk to Fluttershy in some episodes, but more often than not he helps her stand up for herself. If it weren't for him, Fluttershy would likely be even more introverted than she is. I have never seen a character in any fandom (aside from Scrappy Doo or Jar Jar Binks, but they have more reason to be hated) receive as much ghastly hate fanart as Angel or death threats. 

Episodes that he's helped Fluttershy:

  1. The Ticket Master: Fluttershy didn't have the nerve to ask Twilight Sparkle for the ticket, so Angel decided to help her out by making a salad for Twilight and remind Fluttershy that she needed the ticket to the Gala. If Angel didn't help her out here, Fluttershy probably wouldn't have asked Twilight for the ticket and therefore she wouldn't have been able to get the ticket as Twilight probably wouldn't have thought she needed it.
  2. A Bird In The Hoof: Thanks to Angel somehow finding a watch reminiscent of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, Fluttershy was able to make it to the party for Princess Celestia. It's quite nice that he was able to do this for her, making me think he's acting like her secretary. He also handed Fluttershy various tools when she was roleplaying a doctor in an attempt to "cure" Philomena. This also makes me think of Mr. Herriman from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, another cartoon rabbit similar to Angel. He was saddled with administrative duties and a tad gruff, but he still loved his job and did his best to help out.
  3. Hurricane Fluttershy: This episode is where he really helped out. When Fluttershy was crushed by her low flight score of 0.5, Angel quickly rounded up other forest critters offscreen to cheer up Fluttershy and help her train as her coaches. Angel was quite possibly extremely adorable in this episode with his little hat and whistle that he stole from Rainbow Dash-I mean obtained from hammerspace. If it weren't for Angel and the woodland critters helping Fluttershy in this episode, she probably would have stayed in a wreck for much longer until Rainbow Dash or Twilight helped her. That would have actually been a neat alternate scene for the episode and would really be a treat to all the FlutterDash shippers out there.
  4. Ponyville Confidential: Another great episode imo with Angel. Angel closed the door on the CMC when Fluttershy found out about the nasty gossip Gabby Gums was saying about her in the Foal Free Press. It looked like he was trying to help her out by acting as her therapist, though we didn't see much of it. This is where his assertive attitude really came through and didn't make him seem like he was being a jerk.

So there you have it. Four really good in-universe reasons not to hate on Angel. The poor guy gets enough hate as it is and it's about time someone stood up for the little guy because he does in fact do quite a bit for Fluttershy. He may not be the most supportive of her, but when it comes down to it, he's always there to lend a sympathetic ear.

What are your thoughts on Angel?