Hey MLP Wikia. Some of you might be wondering where exactly I am since I wasn't able to participate in the recent "Episodic Pony War Game". I'll answer that question right now with this.

I'm at the hospital. Yep, the same hospital sick people go to me. What are my symptoms? Well, they're kind of personal, so I don't really feel like talking about them. I already told the nurses, and I don't feel comfortable telling you guys.

I'll be at the hospital for at least a week or two, meaning I probably won't be on chat as much (this is a shared computer I'm using, and the only one with Internet. There's no wireless sadly.)

And speaking of which, I might not be on Skype as much either, since again, this is a shared computer.

Maybe I'll discover a love of reading even moreso than I do already and be like RD in "Read it and Weep"? Who knows?

I'm being very well looked after here for those of you who are worried about me. And I'll drop by every now and then to see how everyone's doing.

This is Crimson "Valent" Azure signing out.