It's back again and about time too. And this time, he's in the mood! Wait wrong song. Anyway, umm... this is yet another iteration of Rate the above user's avatar and profile. As usual here are the example and rules.

Example (for those newcomers):

Avatar: 8/10, nice resolution and it's of my favourite pony.

Profile: 9/10 lots of cool pictures, an awesome song, and it's a background of my favourite pony.


1. No being rude. This is a civil community. We don't want this blog to get deleted, so don't ruin it for others by rating people -23/10 or something. Be polite!

2. No wars in the comments.

3. Have fun!

The first person to post in the comments gets to rate my avatar and profile. I wish you all good luck!

I hope ya'll have fun. It's gonna be a wild ride.