Similar to the MLP confessions blog, what are you confessions in general? Here are some of mine.

-I have a tendency to play the sequel before the first game in a series (Kingdom Hearts II, Banjo Tooie, and so on.)

-I have yet to see a classic Star Trek episode (I've only seen the 2009 movie)

-I thought Avatar (the movie) was okay at best.

-New Leaf felt to me like the only true sequel to the first Animal Crossing game. The others felt like remakes)

-I didn't dislike Equestria Girls and am some what looking forward to Rainbow Rocks.

-I watched the prequels of Star Wars before the classic trilogy.

-I thought Starfox Adventures was amazing.

-I almost didn't want to play Birth By Sleep or Dream Drop Distance because of how different they were from the first two Kingdom Hearts games.

-I have no desire to play a hard Mario romhack or even a hard romhack in general.

-Most of my shirts match.

-I hate change.

What are some of your confessions when it comes to life be it video games, tv shows, or real life in general?