This blog is pretty self explanatory. What is your MLP collection? Pictures are optional. This might have been posted before, but I'm posting it again for those who never got to post their collection.

I have 2 XL tee shirts with all of the mane six on it, 1 tee shirt with "Support Your Local Brony" and Rainbow Dash on it, four MLP vinyl figurines (2 Rainbow Dash (one of which has a missing tail), Fluttershy, and Lyra Heartstrings), one 16 oz Rainbow Dash cup that says "Hello!" with a heart on it. (It's very cute), 1 MLP poster with the mane six on it, one carriage set with Princess Twilight, Rarity, and Spike (each with a brushable mane), a Rainbow Dash plushie (sadly, she doesn't look too much like her show self, but still huggable), and some MLP miniature figurines. Oh and some IDW MLP comics.

Not a very big collection, but I'm rather proud of it.

What is your MLP collection?