Simply put, this is a blog where you can share your fondest video game memories.

I'll start with a recent (by recent, I mean came out last year) game: Animal Crossing New Leaf. Now I never was a big fan of the Animal Crossing games, but I bought them all anyway just because they were a good time waster. Anyway, this set of villagers I really bonded with and not having played for nearly a month makes me wish I could travel back in time and start over.

The villagers were Ruby the Peppy rabbit, Jay the awesome Jock bluebird, Coco the Normal/Nice rabbit, Kabuki the grumpy/cranky cat, Bob the Lazy cat (who's been a real party animal), Beardo, the Smug bear (obviously. His train obsession will be missed...), Pecan , the adorably snooty squirrel, Phoebe "Tomboys are people too" Uchi Ostrich, Cyrano, the grumpy anteater, who I thought was going to be a jerk, but turned out to be really nice, and last but not least, the newest member of Maliko, Merry the peppy cat.

After not playing the game for a month, I wanted to make a small picture tribute to these guys, but as you guys probably know, I've been in the hospital. Remembering all the fond memories of Christmas, birthdays (especially my birthday, it was the best birthday ever), Easter, and even just writing letters and talking to villagers, is something I'll never forget and was one of the few times I ever cried at a video game. One of the other times being the (extremely) sad ending of PMD2. I'd like to start a new game and try and reset until I have as many of my old animal friends as I can. Not one of these animals was rude to me and if they were, they always apologized. 

I'll miss these three especially in particular: Bob, Pecan, and Coco. Bob, for being the best party animal, food loving, cross-dressing, friend a guy could have, Pecan for making me fall in love with the "beauty" character archetype (especially characters like Rarity), being there on my birthday (along with Bob and Jay), and being like a big sister to me, the big sister I never had. And finally, Coco, who was one of the first friends I ever made in New Leaf and is probably waiting for me to return unknowingly knowing that I'll never return to the same village again. Oh the feels. (sad)

Another fond memory I have was playing Banjo Tooie for the first time. I didn't know what to expect, a few of the enemies scared me (c'mon, I was like 7 or 8) and taking in the beauty of the N64's graphics for textures and stuff. I know they're obsolete now, but back then they were seriously the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

What are some of your fond video game memories?