I've noticed the episode Keep Calm and Flutter On has gotten some pretty divided opinions lately. Originally, I was wanting to post a comment about it, but I felt that this need to expand into blogging territory.

First, let me tell you my thoughts about the episode:

I admit, I wasn't liking the idea of Discord being "reformed" by Fluttershy, and I'm still unsure about it. I did think the ending was rushed and the "friendshipismagic" line at the end made me roll my eyes; but I did like the risk Lauren was taking with this. I like the interaction between Discord and the ponies, and the idea of portraying Discord in a sympathetic light is interesting. It's opened some new ideas for us, not only for our portrayal of Discord, but perhaps a new shipping post (Fluttercord~).

However, this is what I'm hearing on Youtube and 4chan:


this is the only episode I hate...why, lauren? why? D:

*squee* you, Lauren! You've ruined Discord. wonder the episode is called Keep Calm and Flutter On.

In fact, let's focus on that for a moment. Some of you bronies need to just keep calm about this. The point of the episode was to be patient. The Mane 6 had to be patient with Discord's loony antics because of their promise to Celestia. Perhaps Lauren is wanting us to be patient with her, too. Remember how some of us were unsure about the Canterlot Wedding episode? Some of us thought it would be girly and G3-esque? Well, we were wrong! It was emotional, action-packed, and very entertaining to watch.

Lauren might be building up to something, here. When Princess Celestia said that she needs Fluttershy to reform Discord, she never said why. Maybe it's building up to something epic in the Season 3 finale. Maybe Discord will change for the worse, or maybe this will introduce an even more frightening villain.

Or maybe this was the bidding of Trollestia and the real Celestia has been kidnapped.

Whatever happens, Lauren is taking a risk for a good reason and we just need to respect that. If you still think Discord is ruined, just wait. We still have a lot more of Season 3 to go. :)

Love & Tolerance,